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Queensland Teachers' Journal

March 2016

Editorial: It’s up to … who?

Media coverage of the recent resignation of a Queensland state school teacher rbrought a wave of appreciation and acknowledgement of the difficulties of teaching in the current environment.

Good for her. Great for us

Celebrating the achievements of women will be the focus of International Women’s Day in Queensland this year.

Labour Day T-shirt design winner announced

QTU members gathering and marching on Labour Day this year will be sending the clear message that they are proud of their profession, and proud of their union.

RAIS review underway

The Department of Education and Training has begun a review of the Remote Area Incentives Scheme (RAIS).

IPS evaluation reveals all

The regular introduction of change without any plan for evaluation and, where necessary, either tweaking or abandonment as the circumstances require is a major issue for education. The Independent Public Schools (IPS) policy is a case in point.

From the President: Education funding issues not unique to Australia

We can gain important perspectives from reflecting on the challenges facing students and teachers in other parts of the world.

Senior syllabus redevelopment underway

The Queensland Government has recently announced that a new senior assessment model will be introduced from 2018.

From the VP: Not all learning can be tested

Literacy, numeracy, curriculum learning areas, and cross-curricular priorities are all important. But what makes teaching so complex are the other types of learning that happen in schools every day. T

New review processes introduced for principals, deputies and heads of program

New annual performance review processes for principals, deputies and heads of program have been rolled out from the start of 2016.

Win for principals of small schools

QTU action in South Queensland has resulted in a staffing win for small school principals statewide.

EB claim targets workload

Excessive workload is a major problem, and that’s why the QTU’s draft EB claim has it squarely in its sights.

We need action on Gonski NOW!

The federal Labor Party's commitment to funding the final two years of Gonski leaves the current federal government with a stark choice: match it or abandon this once in a generation chance.

Gonski funding making a difference

Some examples of what the extra Gonski resources have already achieved, and what could be possible if we get the full Gonski.

Australia trailing in school spending and class sizes

An OECD report has revealed that Australian governments spend less on schools than the OECD average, and have higher class sizes.

Union farewells Barry Welch after 43 years of service

Barry Welch has left the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) after 23 years as a Union officer, the last three as a Deputy General Secretary, and 20 years as a rank and file member and activist.

Consultation - it's not a dirty word

Consultation is often viewed as a barrier to change. In reality, however, effective consultation recognises the views of teachers as professionals and can achieve great results.

What comes before an MUP process?

This key question should be at the front of the mind of any principal or education leader contemplating implementing a managing unsatisfactory performance (MUP) process

The 1891 Shearers' Strike: the birth of the modern labour movement

The battles of the shearers 125 years ago this year remain ours today and those of our fellow unionists.

Shearers' Strike 1891: "We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting"

This year marks 125 years since the 1891 Shearers’ Strike. It was a strike that failed to deliver its immediate aims, yet it is now remembered as one of the crucibles from which our strong, cohesive labour movement emerged.

One-on-one conversations offer support to new teachers

An experienced teacher uses her knowledge to support new educators.

Temporary teachers: what you need to know

In any work situation it is important to know your employment conditions - but it is even more crucial when you do not have the security of employment offered by permanency.

Campuses campaign for separation

A community campaign pushing for Toowoomba State High School’s Mount Lofty and Wilsonton campuses to separate and become stand-alone schools has come a step closer to reaching its objective.

VET FEE-HELP: the plot thickens...

The saga of VET FEE-HELP continues, with the federal government using some pretty blunt measures to control rorting by the unscrupulous.


Do I need a medical certificate? / class size targets / long service leave

Principal recruitment and selection

Over the past 12 months there have been a number of changes to principal recruitment and selection, so it is useful to highlight these changes.

Beginning teachers: Welcome to teaching – what you must know

As a new educator and an employee of DET, there are certain formal requirements that you must fulfil during your first year of teaching.

Legal: QCAT gives guidance on physical contact

A decision by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) has thrown light on the principles determining the appropriateness of physical contact,which are sometimes unclear, and often misunderstood.