I plan to resign at the end of this year, am I entitled to receive the summer vacation pay?

If you are completing the teaching year, you should resign as of the last day of the summer vacation, i.e. 18 January 2017, in order to ensure payment for the entire summer vacation.

I am a permanent teacher currently on unpaid leave from my base school, but I have been employed on a contract for semester two. Am I entitled to any payment during the Christmas break?

For permanent teachers, entitlement for the summer vacation period is based on the number of school days worked during the school year. Remote schools attract an entitlement of 33 days’ vacation. All other schools are entitled to 28 days’ vacation. Leave loading entitlement will be paid in December 2016.

Permanent teachers who undertake periods of contract work during unpaid leave will receive a pro-rata entitlement to Christmas holiday pay in accordance with the portion of the year worked, i.e. one semester contract = 50 per cent of Christmas holiday pay.

Formula: Number of days teaching service multiplied by 28 (or 33 days) vacation divided by the number of days in the school year.

Teachers on pay suspend (leave end date last day of the summer holidays) will be paid their entitlement over the summer vacation as a lump sum payment in late December 2016.

I worked full-time in semester one and have been on paid maternity leave at half-pay which will carry into 2017. What happens over the summer vacation period?

Similar to the above scenario, when on parental leave, permanent teachers are entitled to a pro-rata payment for the Christmas vacation to reflect the proportion of paid leave during the preceding year. Even if the paid leave was taken at the half-pay rate, they are entitled to the equivalent full-time pro-rata Christmas pay. You can expect to receive the full payment for the summer vacation period.

What if my fractions have changed throughout the year?

It is important to note rosters do not apply for the payment of the summer vacation where an employee has worked more than one fraction. For those employees, the summer vacation is apportioned according to the number of school days worked at each fraction and an average roster is applied for these periods, with the highest fraction paid first.

Example: An employee worked at the following factions during the 2016 school year - 0.4 from 21 January to 8 July and then 0.6 from 11 July to 9 December. Payment for the summer vacation would be as follows:

21 January to 9 July @ 0.4 fraction = 104 school days, which is an entitlement of 14 days summer vacation

11 July to 9 December @ 0.6 fraction = 99 school days, which is an entitlement of 14 days summer vacation.

I worked in term one, but since term two I have been on a combination of sick leave from DET and income protection with QSuper. My medical certificate covers me until the end of the summer vacation. Do I still receive payment for the summer vacation?

Yes, the department pays for school vacations that fall in the first 12 months of sick leave (paid or unpaid).

What impact does acting higher duties have on my vacation pay?

A teacher acting or performing higher duties for the whole school year would be paid higher duties for the autumn, winter and spring vacation periods only - please note: the teacher is only entitled to the summer vacation if higher duties recommence from the first day of the following school year (see below).

A teacher acting or performing higher duties from the first working day in April to the last working day in March the next year would be paid higher duties for the autumn, winter, and spring vacation periods only, and not the summer vacation.

A teacher acting or performing higher duties for more than a whole school year from the first working day in January to a working day in the following school year would be paid higher duties for the vacation periods across which they worked, including the summer vacation.

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 121 No 8, 11 November 2016, p25