QTU Education Leaders Conference 2016

School leaders from around the state gathered in Brisbane in October for the QTU’s annual Education Leaders Conference.

Around 110 school leaders attended the fully subscribed conference (themed “United in Professionalism”), which took place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14 October wih the aim of combining a professional and industrial focus based on current issues across the state.

They heard Professor Geoff Masters, the Chief Executive and head of the Centre for Assessment Reform and Innovation at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), express doubts about the success of the current fixation with economics-driven “school reform”, Federal Shadow Assistant Minister for Schools Andrew Giles explaining why the battle for fair school funding was still winnable, and DET Deputy Director-General Patrea Walton addressing state schooling strategy directions.

QTU General Secretary Graham Moloney defined the key issues facing the Union’s school leader members, Vice-President Sam Pidgeon looked at professional issues, and Deputy General Secretary Kate Ruttiman examined professional initiatives for school leaders.

After lunch, the delegates broke into workshops, where they looked at effective use of LCCs, member vs member issues, navigating the recruitment and selection process, and building a shared leadership culture.

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 121 No 8, 11 November 2016, p6