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Queensland Teachers' Journal October 2016


Editorial: Reflecting on World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day was instituted by UNESCO in 1994, to celebrate the historic UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers adopted by an intergovernmental conference in Paris on 5 October, 1966.

Leave entitlements (pdf)

Campaign secures Toowoomba campus split

The voices of Toowoomba State High School QTU members, students and parents have finally been heard, with the news that its two campuses are to split.

Help make the most of your dues

QTU members are being asked to do their bit to help their Union ensure that their dues dollars are used as efficiently as possible.

From the President: Valuing teachers, improving their status

Of all the hundreds of people we encounter as we proceed through life, few have as great an impact on us as our teachers.

Female educators fight for pay parity

While education is often seen as a female-friendly profession, the latest research has found there is still a 9 per cent pay gap between average male and female wages in the sector.

From the VP: Slower curriculum implementation best for teachers and students

Queensland's Education Minister recently announced that the old timelines for implementation of the Australian Curriculum have been withdrawn, and the expectation is now that schools will have commenced implementation of all learning areas by the end of 2020.

Unpacking the proposed EB agreement

Now QTU members have accepted the proposed EB agreement, the task of implementing it begins. While the agreement is not yet certified, it is important to understand a number of the key initiatives in the agreement regarding workload.

Addressing workplace violence

Here is some advice to help you ensure students and community members are aware of the consequences of the physical abuse of staff, in particular teachers and education leaders.

IR bill restores fairness and some balance

The long awaited Industrial Relations Bill, introduced into the State Parliament on 1 September, completes the removal of Newman government legislation designed to reduce employee conditions and stifle union representation.

Federal education policy: the devil’s in the detail

As the newly elected Turnbull government settles back into Parliament House in Canberra, it is important to reflect on the key education policy the government will seek to implement in the coming parliamentary term.

Gonski lobbying continues

Parents, teachers and school leaders from across the country converged on Canberra to inform their local Members of Parliament of the difference Gonski funding is making.

Waterfront wedding brings joy to Aurukun

Working in Aurukun in Queensland’s far north has been a life-changing experience for QTU Reps Teegan Crompton and Michael Keating – so much so that they invited the whole community to share in the happiest day of their lives.

TAFE EB update

TAFE EB negotiations are now well underway, with single bargaining unit (SBU) meetings being held weekly. A working party has also been established, which also meets weekly before the SBU, to progress matters and draft clauses.

A basic guide to leave entitlements

As a teacher, you have access to a range of different types of leave, each designed to meet a specific purpose but all intended to help you maintain a healthy work/life balance. It is important that you are aware of and make use of these entitlements.

Creative Generation - State Schools Onstage

This month, television viewers across the country will settle down to enjoy “Creative Generation - State Schools Onstage 2016”, the culmination of months of hard work and commitment from hundreds of students and teachers across Queensland.

Speaking out: The rights and responsibilities of professionals

Asked to talk to an international audience about her experiences in speaking up and leading industrial action, through the QTU, in advocacy for one of her former students, Mojgan Shamsalipoor – Jessica Walker could not refuse.

Promotional part-time? Facts, not fiction!

The QTU regularly has to intervene when decision makers deny the part-time requests of those in promotional positions without seeking informed advice.

Helping Gaza’s children be children again

Union Aid Abroad–APHEDA, the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement, is helping Palestinian children caught up in the aftermath of the war in Gaza access an education.


Paid maternity leave / bus duty / carer's leave

Legal: Tragic death leads to Northern Territory inquest

A 12-year-old year seven student at a school in the Northern Territory died from head, chest and abdominal injuries when run over during the school’s annual Carnival.