Help make the most of your dues

QTU members are being asked to do their bit to help their Union ensure that their dues dollars are used as efficiently as possible.

Union dues for existing members are calculated at 0.72 per cent of their salary at 31 October the previous year. While dues are payable from 1 January , a discount is allowed for full payment up to 31 March.

On 4 November, the QTU will begin distributing 2017 dues notices and direct debit statements to members who prefer to receive them by email. The first time notices that were distributed in this way, in 2016, proved far more efficient and convenient for members, and resulted in a cost saving of $14,714.10, money that has been redirected into the QTU’s core role: representing you.

The vast majority of the savings came from the reduction of the postage costs associated with printing and sending notices through the mail. But to continue reducing costs this year, we need to reduce the number of notices that have to be mailed out even further.

If we do not have an email address for you or if your details are out of date, we will have to send your notice by mail. To avoid this and to make sure your dues money is put to the best possible use, all you have to do is go to the member portal as soon as possible and add or amend your email addresses. Once you have an email address in place, select “my dues” from the menu on the left of the page to opt in for email delivery. That’s also where you will be able to download and print your dues notice (under “dues history”) or sign up for direct debit.

If you are expecting an email but do not receive one, you should first check your junk folder to make sure that it hasn’t been diverted. Some members have had problems with DET’s Clutter software, which has redirected emails to a separate folder without their knowledge. If you are having this issue, try one of these options.

  • If Clutter is activated, and QTU mail goes to Clutter, drag it to Inbox, which will stop future emails being sent to Clutter.
  • Set up a QTU folder and a rule that sends all mail from to the QTU folder – all in one place for easy access.
  • Right click on QTU invoices and, in the “Junk” option, select “Never block sender’s domain”.

Remember, a printed notice will be generated if the system reports that the dues email has not been opened, so make sure you act quickly. If you have any feedback on the dues process, contact

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