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2016 Newsflashes

9 Dec 2016 (CQU) : EB negotiations held over until new year

7 Nov 2016 : QTU TAFE EB ballot open

24 Oct 2016: TAFE EB negotiations successful

20 May 2016 (CQU) : TAFE Queensland’s modern award – further delays

An update on the TAFE Qld award modernisation | EB update | Members suggestions are encouraged for the log of claims

28 July 2016: Enterprise bargaining begins

23 June 2016: Rescue TAFE

To rescue TAFE and restore faith in vocational education, PUT THE LNP LAST on 2 July.

9 June 2016 : Modern award made

20 May 2016: Modern award - delayed further

An update on the award modernisation | EB update | Members suggestions are encouraged for the log of claims

11 May 2016: TAFE Award Modernisation

After many months of negotiations, an agreed position (known as a “consent position”) between TAFE Queensland and the relevant unions, including the QTU, has been reached regarding the modern TAFE Award...

Recent QTU journal articles

National TAFE Day comes to Canberra

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 120 No 5, 17 July 2015, p21 : On National TAFE Day, TAFE teachers and union representatives from around Australia took advantage of the occasion to lobby federal politicians in Canberra about the real state of VET.

Announcement of QTAMA closure ends shameful attack on TAFE

The Labor government is holding true to an election commitment to close down the Queensland Training Asset Management Authority (QTAMA) by announcing new legislation to dissolve QTAMA and return all TAFE assets to the Department of Education and Training. (Queensland Teachers' Journal, vol.120, no. 4, 5 June 2015, p. 14)

Dialogue needed to resolve TAFE programming concerns

Differing approaches to programming and timetabling are causing concern for a number of members in a range of disciplines and teaching teams across the public provider network. (Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 120 No 3, 24 April 2015, p18)

TAFE did, and could still, make great things happen

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 120 No 2, 13 March 2015, p14