How to join TAFEbook - a closed Facebook group for QTU TAFE members

NOTE: If you are not already a Facebook member you will need to join at

Please be aware of Facebook's terms and conditions, privacy issues and any of your institute’s relevant rules regarding social media before signing up.

  • Once you are signed up and logged in, head to:
  • Click on Join Group (note: you may need to use a browser based version of Facebook to join, as currently you can't join groups using some Facebook apps (including those for iphone and ipad). Once joined, however, you should be able to interact with the group via the app.
    This will send a message to the page administrators here at the QTU. Once they have confirmed you are a QTU member, you will then become a member of the  group.
  • From then on, when you login to Facebook, you should then be able to find TAFEbook, listed on your home page under "groups".
  • Please read the code of behaviour for the group, which can be found under the "files" tab on the group page.