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The QTU will continue to work with the department and the Queensland Government and the Queensland Chief Health Officer to ensure that safe school operations  are in place.  For more information please contact QTAD on 1300117823.

Brendan Crotty | Deputy General Secretary

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10 Nov 2022: Latest UPDATE from DoE to staff: Amber COVID status

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Aug 2021 : QTU position Statement: COVID-19 vaccinations (member only)

Disciplinary action

The QTU has been consistent in aiding members who did not follow the Chief Health Officer's vaccination mandate.

When QTU State Council voted not to challenge the CHO’s mandate, it also decided to provide the necessary support to financial members who chose not to be vaccinated for various reasons. All members were advised at the time the mandate was issued that it constituted a lawful direction and failure to comply could result in disciplinary action. Members who were not vaccinated and were not on an approved form of leave were suspended from duty and participated in a process to show cause as to why they should not be disciplined. The government has a range of disciplinary actions available to them, from a reprimand to dismissal.In some circumstances, the disciplinary consequence for not following the vaccine mandate in the public sector has been dismissal. In this circumstance, the disciplinary consequence of a pay deduction demonstrates that the failure to follow the lawful direction of the CHO and become vaccinated was deemed to be significant, with the potential to place others, including colleagues, at risk of harm.

The QTU will support financial members who seek assistance with their discipline appeals to the QIRC.

August 2022

When domestic violence comes to work (when work is at home)

6 August 2021

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