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3 Sep 2019: A revised offer was made by TAFE Queensland prior to COB Monday 2 September 2019. TAFE Executive have recommended acceptance of the revised offer and members have been sent an EB10 Bulletin outlining what happens next.

The offer explained

TAFE Executive recommends acceptance of revised EB10 offer

3 Sep 2019: Late yesterday afternoon (Monday 2 September), the QTU TAFE Executive met to consider a revised enterprise bargaining (EB10) offer from TAFE Queensland.

After careful consideration of the detail of the offer, TAFE Executive determined:

  • to provide ‘in-principle’ acceptance of the offer from TAFE Queensland dated 2 September 2019
  • to ballot QTU TAFE Division members working in TAFE Queensland on acceptance of the offer
  • to recommend to QTU TAFE Division members working in TAFE Queensland that they vote to accept the offer.

‘In principle’ acceptance means that the QTU TAFE Executive believes that the offer provided by TAFE Queensland meets our expectations in negotiations and should be considered as the basis for full and final settlement of the claims of TAFE Queensland, Together and the QTU.

From the QTU perspective, the four priority issues of pay, programming, permanency and measures to address gender employment inequity have been satisfactorily addressed.

A final decision on acceptance of the offer lies with QTU TAFE Division members working in TAFE Queensland.

The QTU will now prepare detailed materials on the offer for the information of members, which will be posted to the QTU website at  (this page) as soon as possible.

The QTU anticipates that the ballot process will commence later this week.

Please check your emails and the QTU website for further information in coming days.


Expressions of solidarity - schools, Branches and interstate

QTU Executive
THAT Executive congratulates TAFE Division members, employed by TAFE Queensland, for undertaking protected industrial action on Wednesday, 28 August 2

Central Qld Area Council
Resolution : That  the members of the CQAC wish to congratulate the TAFE members who participated in the   two hour stop work. CQAC members wish to express their best wished to members of TAFE who are participating in a potential 24 hour stop work. CQAC members send a message of solidarity to TAFE members.

Yarrabah Teachers of the QTU
I propose that the Yarrabah Teachers of the QTU declare their support for the TAFE Educators of Qld, who are negotiating the Enterprise Bargain 10 Agreement. 

In particular, Yarrabah Branch of the QTU, support TAFE educators taking industrial action on Wednesday 28 August 2019 in their campaign to send a clear message to the Queensland Government in that:

·         Queensland’s TAFE educators deserve salaries that are comparable with interstate colleagues.  Queensland’s TAFE educators deserve employment security, fair and reasonable workloads and gender employment equity. Queensland’s TAFE educator workforce has the right to protection under the award.   

·         Further, Yarrabah QTU members also call on the state government to cease 100% contestable VET funding and return adequate funding to TAFE so that it once again becomes the premier provider of Vocational Education in the state.

Both motions passed unanimously by a show of hands on 26/8/19.

NSW TAFE teachers
The NSW TAFE teachers congratulate you on your fight for salary justice. We wish you the very best today and in the days to come, in the lead up to your eventual win.

Also, on behalf of ALL TAFE teachers across Australia, we commend our Qld members for their commitment to maintaining TAFE as the pre-eminent public provider of Vocational Education.

Yours in Solidarity,
Maxine Sharkey
Deputy Secretary Post Schools, NSWTF and AEU Federal TAFE Secretary

WHITSUNDAY branch of the QTU 
That the members of WHITSUNDAY branch of the QTU express their solidarity with their TAFE colleagues in Queensland over their unsatisfactory negotiations with their employer in the current round of EB10 negotiations. In particular, it is noted that the employer’s offer fails to address:

  • Pay increases comparable with other states
  • Gender employment inequity
  • Access to permanent employment.

Australian Education Union Tasmania Branch
On behalf of the Australian Education Union Tasmania Branch, we extend our best wishes and support for your planned action by TAFE members today.

We stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Queensland.

Simon Bailey President TAFE Division, Australian Education Union - TAS
Roz Madsen State Manager,
Helen Richardson AEU Branch President

Corinda State School and the members of the Sherwood Branch
On behalf of the QTU members at Corinda State School and the members of the Sherwood Branch I wish to offer our moral support for your decision to take industrial action arising from the intransigence of our employer. I hope that your rally today goes well and brings you closer to a resolution of the outstanding areas of contention.

SOLIDARITY Comrades!!!

Rod Iffinger
Queensland Teachers’ Union Corinda SS Workplace Rep. |  Sherwood Branch Area Council Rep. |Sherwood Branch State Council Rep

DD North Branch
That the DD North Branch offer support and solidarity in their campaign for better salaries and working conditions in their EB10 agreement.

The North Branch commend and acknowledge the industrial action taken by QTU TAFE members

Peninsula Area Council
I am writing to you in my role as Secretary on behalf of the Peninsula Area Council.

At our last Area Council Meeting held on Saturday, 17 august, we were updated regarding the ongoing EB10 TAFE Campaign and were appalled to hear about the inadequate negotiations and poor EB offer for our TAFE colleagues. 

At the meeting we passed the following motion of support:

“That the Peninsula Area Council fully support our TAFE colleagues EB10 Campaign and any Industrial Actions required within the EB10 Campaign.”

The Peninsula Area Council wants to acknowledge the importance that the TAFE System plays within the greater education system, the importance it plays in allowing for many of our students in Far North Queensland to continue their education after their time in our schools and also the vital role that TAFE teachers play in the delivery of a world class education.

Please note our support for your EB10 Campaign and actions but more so our unwavering support to our QTU TAFE Members who will no doubt need to know that we value them, their conditions and their service.

In solidarity,

Tom McCartney
Secretary – Peninsula Area Council

QTU Barron Branch
That the QTU Barron Branch expresses solidarity for our TAFE colleagues.

Benowa branch
That the Benowa branch condemn the State Government and their appalling EB10 offer to TAFE teachers. The Benowa branch stands in solidarity with TAFE teachers and urges the government to reassess and submit a more acceptable offer.

Gold Coast East/Merrimac branches of the QTU
THAT members of the combined Gold Coast East/Merrimac branches of the QTU offer our support and solidarity to our TAFE colleagues, and condemn the Queensland Government for its woefully inadequate EB10 offer.

Argument Our TAFE colleagues are still working in extremely challenging conditions as they recover from the systematic dismantling of TAFE under the Newman government.

Fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Port Curtis Branch
THAT this meeting of the Port Curtis Branch expresses their support with our TAFE colleagues as they stop work on 28th August 2019 in support of their EB claims.

Southport Branch
THAT members of the Southport Branch express solidarity with TAFE members during their EB10 negotiations.

Argument TAFE deserve better Fair pay To be restored to its rightful place

Thozet Branch
THAT the members of the Thozet Branch acknowledge the EB10 campaign of the TAFE division and we stand in solidarity with TAFE members as they participate in a 24 hour work stoppage on Wednesday August 28.

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TAFE Q stop work meeting, Milton,  28 August 2019

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