Experienced senior teachers

The Experienced Senior Teacher classification

The experienced senior teacher (EST) classification resulted from the settlement package offered by the state government during EB6 (2009).  It is a merit-based selection process – the awarding of the classification is based on assessing the relative merit of each application against the criteria and position requirements outlined in the role description.

2019 EST Recruitment and Selection Timelines

Activity EST
(Eligible 1 July 2018 –30 June 2019)
Advertisement Date 22-Feb-19
Panel Membership Confirmed 22-Feb-19
Closing Date 29-Mar-19
Process Applications 01-Apr-19
Email Applications to Panel Chairs 23-Apr-19
Selection Report due in Central Office 24-May-19
Appointment Release date 15-Jul-19

NB: Please Note:- While the appointment release date is hoped to be 15 July 2019, unforeseen circumstances may have an impact on this date. Every effort will be made to inform applicants of any significant delay


The QTU successfully negotiated to compress the EST eligibility timelines during the EB8 (2016) negotiations.

The result of that advocacy is that, from 1 July 2018, a Senior Teacher with 4 years of training will become eligible to apply for EST after just two years (reduced from four years at the start of EB8).

A Senior Teacher with 3 years of training will become eligible to apply for EST after five years (reduced from seven years at the start of EB8)..

The next EST recruitment round will be advertised on the Smart Jobs and Careers website.

The department states that no late or incomplete applications will be accepted.  

Members unsure of whether they are eligible to apply can contact the payroll teacher classification team  - phone 1300 365 718 OR email  tct@det.qld.gov.au  with their full name and employee ID number. 

Further Information & QTU assistance

Further Information & QTU assistance

For further information, access:

If you have further questions, please contact the QTU's Queensland Teachers' Assist Desk (QTAD) by phone on 1300 11 7823 or by email to qtad@qtu.asn.au

Page updated 21 July 2018

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