Help with online registration for QTU courses, conferences and events

STEP 1. Go tomyqtubutton.JPG and login (if you are already logged in clicking on myQTU will start you at step 2) login.JPG
STEP 2. Click on the purple "Register for courses, conferences and events" button details.JPG
STEP 3. Click on the "my courses, conferences & events" tab in the left hand side menu mycourses.JPG
STEP 4. Click on "register" next to the event you wish to attend (please note, the events currently are not sorting correctly, we hope to fix this shortly so events are easier to find) list of events.JPG
STEP 5. Click "OK" to register (some events may require more information, please fill these out when prompted) - you can also print out the details of your event on the next screen using the "Download itinerary" link confirm.JPG
STEP 6. Once registered, your event should appear in your "my Registered Events" list (just click back to the "my courses, conferences & events tab" myregisteredevente.JPG
Don't forget you can update you email, phone, address and employment details while you are here - just go to the "my details" tab
STEP 7. Click "logout" when you're finished logout.JPG


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