Role of the QTU Branch

The branch is the basic unit of the QTU democratic structure.

Representatives of the branch are elected to attend meetings of state council and the local area council. The branch should aim to be action-orientated and be the organising unit of the QTU in the local area.

The branch has an important role to play in the following areas: 

  •  Providing an opportunity for members to express views to Executive, Council and Conference. 
  • Organising action in relation to specific issues/problems raised at the branch meeting. 
  • Discussing state/national issues, including organising local involvement in campaigns where necessary. 
  • Discussing local issues and organising membership campaigns on these issues when appropriate. 
  • Coordinating, via union representatives the recruitment of non-members. 
  • Liaising with and lobbying of local state and federal MPs and Senators. 
  • Where applicable, ensuring QTU representation on local provincial councils and liaising with the local councils in relation to QCU campaigns/activities. 
  • Organising whole of branch annual activities to further involve members in the QTU eg. legal seminars, branch dinners. 
  • Providing a forum for the discussion of education/social and industrial relation issues. 
  • Providing an opportunity for workplace reps to raise issues/problems with the organiser and other members.

 Top tips for improving branch attendance

  • Keep meetings short
  • Table minutes and reports
  • Be aware of QTU policy
  • Arrange guest speakers
  • Have material for branch directory and meeting calendar ready early
  • Organise branch communication network as soon as possible
  • Branch officers appointed by end of previous year
  • Have officers attend QTEC and branch seminars
  • Officers should have Duties of Branch Officers booklet
  • Know the QTU officers

Page reviewed 8 May 2012