25 May 2015 : No. 8-15

Reminder - mark National Public Education Day 28 May

As the QTU and other teacher unions resume the campaign to secure the needs-based funding for schools and the full phase in of additional funding over six years recommended by Gonski, it is important to mark National Public Education Day.

We should celebrate the work state schools, you and your colleagues do every day under often difficult circumstances. We should be conscious of what we could do if we had the full Gonski we campaigned for into 2014, and commit to the new campaign for the full Gonski.

The QTU is asking members to mark National Public Education Day by taking action at the local level in the following ways.

  • Phone your local federal and state MPs to express your support for state schools, the need for additional resources and the impact of not fully implementing the Gonski reforms. When speaking with your local members make sure that you discuss what your school is doing with the Gonski (GRG) funding and how the removal of this will affect students. It is important that politicians are reminded that public schools funding and Gonski remain important issues for the community, despite the abandonment of them by the federal government.
  • Host a morning tea, or other event at your school/workplace, to celebrate public education. Share your photos on social media, and send them through to the QTU so that we can post them to our Facebook page. Let’s flood Facebook, the twittersphere and Instagram with seas of green. Make sure your messages and photos are seen by your colleagues around the nation by using the hash tags #gonski and #QTU.
  • Become a Gonski campaign supporter on the I give a Gonski website and be part of the on-going campaign.

Our schools and our children deserve the full Gonski. Our challenge now is to get both the state and federal governments to act

Bring on the Vote campaign

Next week the Queensland Parliament will consider the initial amendments to the Industrial Relations Act. Designed to restore the balance and fairness for workers the changes will remove the award stripping provisions from the act, restore fairness around workplace health and safety and move toward ensuring the independence of the QIRC. Together and the Queensland Services Union are co-ordinating the Bring on the Vote campaign. Union members are encouraged to sign the attached petition to send a clear message to all Queensland politicians that these changes are necessary to ensure a fair industrial relations system in Queensland. For more information go to www.bringonthevote.org.au

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union