3 March 2016      No. 06-16
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 “State of our schools” – and the state of our award

Your views count


The Australian Education Union has opened its State of Our Schools survey to teachers and principals around the country. Survey outcomes will provide hard data on a range of issues including workload, staffing and resourcing, to underpin and promote campaigns such as the Gonski campaign. This is particularly important in a federal election year. All QTU members are invited to take part – the AEU reports that more input from principals in particular is needed. 

The survey closes soon. To participate, go to State of Our Schools Survey  

If you  have trouble with the above link copy and paste the address into your browser - but note that some users are having trouble linking to the survey through school Intranets. If that happens please try on a mobile device or home computer, or contact ben@insyncresearch.com.au.

Modern award

QTU members in schools are now covered by a new award – the Teaching in State Education Award 2016. It came into effect on Friday, 26 February, and replaces the Teachers’ Award –State 2012.

The new award came about through a lengthy award modernisation process; members will recall that the process originally started under the former LNP Queensland Government, which was focused on stripping away industrial protections for a whole raft of conditions and instead turning them into “departmental policy” that could be changed at any time, with no consultation.

After concerted resistance to that agenda by the QTU and other unions, the process under the new government became more genuinely aimed at streamlining existing awards. The result is that the Teaching in State Education - Award 2016 maintains the protections for existing working conditions, and in fact strengthens protections around a number of provisions that have been moved from the certified agreement into the award. That will affect the detail of the EB8 log of claims, currently being finalised through member consultation.

The new award will be published on the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission website.  A copy of the new award is available on the QTU website.

The QTU’s information and advice brochures and website are being updated where necessary to reflect the precise content of the new award. 

 Authorised by Kate Ruttiman, Acting General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union