24 February 2016  | No. 05-16 | Download as PDF

QTU support for Queensland Catholic teachers and IEUA-QNT

Teachers in Catholic schools strike tomorrow (25 February), as part of their on-going enterprise bargaining claim. For some, this will be the eighth action in this campaign, although it is the first full-day strike.

The QTU has publicly expressed its support for their campaign and its objectives in the face of employer stonewalling and delay.

The IEUA-QNT campaign is built around 3Rs – Recognise, Respect and Reward. The IEUA-QNT claims around salaries comparable to those interstate and workload issues have much in common with our own.

QTU EB consultation

The QTU EB8 claim will be decided at the QTU State Council on 12 March. Already, more than 60 meetings have been conducted around the state. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say.

AEU Annual State of Our Schools Survey


Is your workload rising? Does your school have the right resources to meet the needs of all students?

Please let us know by filling out our annual national State of our Schools survey.

The survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete and will provide invaluable data on staffing, working conditions and resourcing.

It is particularly important that we have this information in an election year.

By completing the survey you will also have a chance to win a shiny new iPad Pro.

The survey results will be published in the national AEU magazine, the Australian Educator.

If you are having trouble with the link you can copy and paste the address into your browser:

Please note it may it be difficult to access the survey through a school Intranet. If that happens please try on a mobile device or home computer.

If there are any technical issues you can also contact ben@insyncresearch.com.au

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union