30 August 2016 | No. 24-16 |  Download as PDF


Vote for EB offer -  
QTU ballot closing soon

QTU ballot on offer

Members are encouraged to participate in the QTU ballot currently being conducted at workplaces in support of the government’s improved EB offer.

The QTU Senior Officers and Executive are recommending members accept the offer because it provides significant benefits both for individual members and for the profession as a whole.

The offer addresses a range of issues including:

  1. Workload – The offer contains clear definitions of non-contact time and requires the LCC to not only act as the vehicle for consultation and change management, but also to consider the impact this change will have on workload.
  2. Salaries – Increases to salaries will be effective from 1 July 2016.  The offer provides a minimum 2.5 per cent p.a. increase for all classifications, with additional increases and classification streamlining that result in classroom teachers securing salaries in 2018 comparable to those in the Queensland Catholic sector and some other states.
  3. Promotional position classification review – The review will enable a comprehensive analysis of how promotional positions should be valued and allow the system to recognise those current matters that add complexity to head of program and school leader roles.
  4. Establishment of highly accomplished and lead teachers (HAT & LT) – Under the terms of the proposed agreement and the state government’s “Letting Teachers’ Teach” election commitment, classroom teachers will have access to these new classifications from January 2019.  The agreement provides for a pilot of the certification process for the classifications and a work value assessment to determine the appropriate remuneration for HAT and LT.

There is also improved access to permanency for temporary teachers, the trial of new RAIS initiatives and a review of the transfer and relocation system. 

The current ballot closes on Monday 5 September.  It is important that all members participate and vote in favour of accepting the offer, so that the initiatives in the proposed agreement can commence.

As part of their obligation under the industrial relations legislation, DET will also ballot members regarding the offer.  This ballot will be conducted electronically and will open on 5 September 2016.  It is important that members also vote to accept the offer in the DET ballot.

QCAA senior subject syllabus development - Stage 1 senior syllabuses: Draft 2 released for consultation – have your say

QTU members are strongly encouraged to provide feedback on Draft 2 of the Stage 1 (the first 35) redeveloped senior syllabuses.  

A number of QTU members have raised concerns that the redeveloped syllabuses and introduction of external assessment will have an impact on the capacity of schools to offer some subjects via combined or composite classes.  

It is very important that QTU members take the opportunity to raise these concerns and any other feedback in relation to the draft syllabuses via the QCAA online survey.  The survey is available until 14 September. 


Commercialisation in Public Schooling survey

Members are encouraged to complete the Commercialisation in Public Education survey, which looks at the provision of products and services by commercial organisations.

The research team conducting the survey is led by Bob Lingard and comprises academics from the University of Queensland (UQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  The survey is for members of the AEU and its affiliates.  The information will assist the AEU in understanding the scope of commercialisation in public education in Australia and the extent of concerns its members hold.

You can access the survey at https://survey.qut.edu.au/f/186317/128b/.  The survey will be open until 11 September.

It is expected that the survey will take 15 minutes to complete, and although findings of the survey may be published, none of the information that you provide will be/can be linked to you as an individual or to your school.

We welcome your participation in this study.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union