7 September 2016  No. 25-16 | Download as PDF

Members support revised offer

Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) members in schools have voted in favour of accepting the government’s revised enterprise bargaining offer.

The final response to the ballot question “Do you support the acceptance of the improved government offer for Queensland teachers and principals?” was: 

  • Yes: 23,403 - 95 per cent
  • No:  1,300 - 5 per cent. 

The QTU Executive at its meeting on Monday 5 September considered the results available at that time and, on that basis, decided to accept the offer and sign the proposed agreement.

Department of Education and Training (DET) ballot

The department, as the employer, is also required by law to conduct a ballot of employees to be covered by the agreement as part of the process of certification. For the purposes of confidentiality, the ballot is being conducted electronically by a third party.

Some members have raised concerns about the information provided to the company conducting the ballot and privacy considerations. The QTU has pursued these with the department and has been assured that the privacy of both the individual votes and personal information is protected.

The QTU again recommends that you support the proposed agreement in the department ballot.

After the department ballot has been completed (and assuming that the vote is in favour of the agreement) a signed agreement will be lodged with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for certification. The agreement only comes into effect upon certification. At that time, the QTU will provide further advice about when members can expect to have their salaries adjusted and receive back pay.

Members who resign or retire

DET does not provide back pay for members who retire or resign prior to the date of certification of the new agreement. This is standard practice across all government agencies. Similarly, if a member retires prior to the agreement being certified, QSuper will calculate the superannuation payout based on the salary before the new rate in the agreement. Again, this is consistent practice across the superannuation industry.

Please be aware of this if you are considering resignation or retirement.

Turnbull’s unfair funding plan exposed

A new analysis by education funding expert Jim McMorrow has shown that the Turnbull government education plan would see schools a total of $5.28 billion worse off from 2016/2017 to 2019/2020 compared with the full six years of Gonski funding, and that the bulk of extra funding would go to private schools.

The next Education Council meeting (regular meetings of Commonwealth, state and territory education ministers) is on 23 September. State and territory governments need to stand up to any attempt to end Gonski funding and ensure that schools funding remains based on need. A copy of the full report can be found here.  

Commercialisation in Public Schooling survey

The Commercialisation in Public Education survey being conducted for teacher unions nationally looks at the provision of products and services by commercial organisations in schools.

The research team conducting the survey is led by Bob Lingard and comprises academics from the University of Queensland (UQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The survey is for members of the Australian Education Union (AEU) and its affiliates. The information will assist the AEU in understanding the scope of commercialisation in public education in Australia and the extent of concerns its members hold.

You can access the survey at https://survey.qut.edu.au/f/186317/128b/.  The survey will be open until 11 September.

It is expected that the survey will take 15 minutes to complete, and although findings of the survey may be published, none of the information that you provide will be/can be linked to you as an individual or to your school.

Commercialisation and outsourcing to for-profit organisations (“edubusinesses”) is having an increasing impact on public schooling, with profound consequences for student access to public education. Please complete the survey.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union