TAFE members employed by CQU

15 Mar 2018 : CQU Enterprise Agreement 2017 approved by Fair Work Commission

20 Oct 2017 (CQU) : QTU/AEU(Q) reluctantly signs single CQU Agreement

While the QTU/AEU(Q) (QTU) had a principled position not to sign the agreement, in weighing the key issues, TAFE Executive reluctantly determined it was in members’ interests to proceed with signing. ...

14 Sep 2017 (CQU) : AEU(Q)/QTU member ballot on CQU EB 2017

5 May 2017 (CQU): EB Update

12 May 2017 (CQU) : EB update

28 Mar 2017 (CQU): EB update - bargaining postponed

Yesterday the QTU/AEUQ postponed our participation in the scheduled two days of bargaining due to an ongoing issue regarding the intricacies of industrial law...

23 Feb 2017 (CQU) : EB update and campus consolidation

In this edition: EB negotiations and the campus consolidation project.

9 Dec 2016 (CQU) : EB negotiations held over until new year

25 Oct 2016: CQU and TAFE EB updates and Recruitment offer

5 Oct 2016 : Enterprise bargaining to commence

18 August 2016 (CQU): Central Queensland University VET EB preparations