QRTA-Badgeonly.gifThe Queensland Retired Teachers' Association

"A professional fraternal fellowship in retirement"

The QRTA is a body of ex-teachers (state and non-state, interstate and overseas) and their spouses, established to cater for the needs of members in retirement.


Who can join the QRTA?

Membership is open to:

  • All retired teachers, teacher aides and library aides for Queensland State and non-state schools, colleges and other educational insttitutions whether at pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, special, technical or advanced educational  levels 
  • Any retired person who held a position allied to education after accepting promotion or transfer for teaching
  • Any retired person  who held a position allied to education in an interstate or overseas educational institution
  • Any spouse of any financial member, or spouse of a deceased member who makes application for membership
  • Any retired staff member of the Queensland Teachers' Union, the Queensland Teachers' Credit Union or the Queensland Teachers' Union Health Society who makes application for membership

See tab below for downloadable forms

Benefits of QRTA membership

Financial members of the Queensland Retired Teachers' Association [ those who have paid their "additional Membership Benefits Fee} receive:

  • a subscription to the Queensland Teachers' Union Journal (currently 8 issues per year)  - QRTA have a "Retired Teachers' Column" in each issue of the Journal
  • A copy of the QRTA Annual Program
  • A subscription to the QRTA digest (currently 4 issues per year)
  • the use of the Union Shopper for discount buying of an ever increasing range of goods and services. This is the only way retired teachers can maintain access to the services of the Union Shopper
  • access to the Queensland Teachers' Union library

All this in additions to

  • social gatherings
  • forums and discussions
  • entertainment
  • group activity
  • up to date information about a range of issues relevant to our needs
  • cultural activities
  • outings and excursions

See tab below for downloadable membership and renewal forms


As from 1 July 1999, to join the Association, members will pay a Membership fee of $20 and an Additional Membership Benefits Fee of $5, ie a total of $25 for the first year's membership.

Each year, in order to retain the benefits, an additional Membership Benefits Fee (of $5) will be due on 1 January, and is to be paid before 31 March of that year - ie membership RENEWAL is $5 per year. 

Fees are set at the Annual General Meeting.

QRTA Executive meets on the first Tuesday of each month except January.




Hon. Patron

Kevin Bates

07 3512 9000


Noela Rogers

07 3398 7865 | 0408 767 079 | email

Vice President/Minutes

Roger Abell

07 3279 4508 | 0437 182 440 | email

Past President

Maida Lilley

07 3358 1080


Donella Lister

Mobile 0409 630 319 | email


Frank Atkinson

07 3351 2080 | 0434 116 821 | email

Membership Secretary

Bob Bell

07 3279 5825 | 0412 083 913 | email

Association Carer

Des James

07 3351 2080 | 0409 065 026 | email

QRTA Digest

Position vacant

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Position vacant


Association Archivist

Position vacant



Jim Pearse

Pam Mackenzie

Ursula Blaszczyk

Sandra Crawford

Norma Wiltshire

07 3378 0354 | email

07 3844 9660 | email

0422 692 352 | email

0466 975 282 | email

073216 7587 | email

Presidents Report for 2014/2015

It gives me great pleasure to present the annual report of the Queensland Retired Teachers’ Association for 2014/15 and to welcome guests:

  • QTU President Kevin Bates - Patron
  • Members and guests

We are privileged to be holding this AGM at West End State School. We thank Dani Hayes and the administration for allowing us to visit and experience school life today.

We are also indebted to the Queensland Teachers’ Union for allowing us to hold our monthly meetings in their building at Graham Street Milton and to the staff who set up for us before each meeting. We would also like to thank the QTU for allowing staff to include our membership information in their mail out to all teachers as they retire so that they have knowledge of the benefits of belonging to our association.

At present Queensland Retired Teachers’ Association now has members meeting in Toowoomba, Maryborough, Rockhampton and Townsville. New members are contacted and encouraged to join the groups in their area. It is interesting to note that while many teachers have retired from teaching jobs their spare time is minimal as they are now ready to embark on new careers, pursue travel ambitions, volunteer in many areas or just relax with family. Welcome to new members to today’s meeting.

Members are reminded that subscribing to the Association not only brings the advantages of access to the Union Shopper but the chance to keep abreast of education trends through reading the Queensland Teachers’ Union Journal, the QRTA Digest and the yearly calendar of events of all branches which comes in the package.

Membership director, Bob Bell, continues to update the membership database which allows us to contact members about all the advantages of being part of this association. At present there are 1000 plus members registered throughout Queensland. Those with email addresses will get reminders to activities organised by the branch and also interesting information for seniors from other organisations which belong to the Brisbane Seniors Network.

Sadly it is time to say bye to some of the members of the Executive and while they may stay with us they will no longer being performing the roles held for many years.

The Digest through editor, Mavis Pearse, has dispersed information, stories of times past, and hilarious snippets to the wider community of retired teachers throughout the state. Thank you Mavis for your wonderful work with the digest. This year I have been editing the Digest and although I enjoys the challenge maybe it is time for a new person to join the Executive and take over this vital communication with members.

Des James continues to show the caring nature of our organisation by keeping in touch with members and informing us of special occasions.

Sharing the load of secretary Donella and Roger have done an excellent job of keeping us informed of activities, information and recording our every word. The setting up of an email data base has allowed us to remind members in important information frequently.

Maida Lilley has been The Queensland Retired Teachers’ Association’s representative on the Seniors Roundtable, now the Seniors Independent Alliance, for years and has kept us up to date with information concerning seniors in our community.

Brisbane Seniors Network is another group to which the QRTA is represented. It is very exciting to be able to continue our advocacy for the needs of seniors through the 2010 -20 strategy which aims to support the Department of Communities vision for fair, cohesive and vibrant communities.

All branches continue to organise great activities for their members. While Toowoomba, Maryborough and Townsville enjoyed lunches sometimes with a variety of speakers, Rockhampton organised a full program for their members sometimes with a speaker or with visits to interesting sites around the district.

For members closer to Brisbane or those visiting, the programme committee organised a variety of outings during 2014/2015 year.

Continuing with our policy of socialisation and lifelong learning the Executive spent many hours preparing and organising a conference, Our future – Active Body – Active Mind, which was held at the Broncos Leagues Club on Tuesday 25 November 2014. 75 members attended and were thrilled with the seven speakers and the information they were able to collect from the stalls set up by such organisations as Blue Care, Red Cross, The Brisbane City Council and the Public Curators office to mention just a few. We were privileged to have the Governor of Queensland, His Excellency The Honourable Paul De Jersey AC open the conference and congratulate the work of teachers past and present.

Other exciting activities included the annual morning tea for new members at the Irish Club with the most insightful talk by author Matthew Condon; a guided tour of the Light Horse Regiment Museum at Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera; a tour of the facilities of the Brain Institute at the Queensland University and a visit to hear about the history of the Power House at New Farm.

We thank the QTU President Kevin Bates for continuing in the role of Patron. We thank him and QTU for keeping us up to date with Education in Queensland and nationally. Our association is strongly supported by the QTU from Union Librarian, Joan Crump who supervises our website, John Wild, the accountant who has audited our finances, Chris and Merry who have set up our meeting space monthly and especially our Xmas meeting.

Queensland Teachers’ Mutual Bank printed our annual state program which is distributed to members at the beginning of the year. The Union Shopper acknowledges the QRTA by continuing members’ access to products through their organisation.

I offer a sincere thanks to dedicated executive members who work to keep this association afloat. To Donella Lister our secretary for keeping me up to date; to our treasurer, Frank Atkinson who deals with all things monetary; to Vice President Roger Abell for his continued support and minutes taking and distribution. A special thank you to Tom Sims, who has kept our archives up to date for many years. Sadly Tom has resigned from the Executive due to poor health.

Finally I would like to thank all members for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the life of seniors and for your friendship and encouragement throughout the year.

Thank You.

Noela Rogers
President QRTA 2014 / 2015

Brisbane (State) Branch

Events and meetings

See the QRTA Program of events below. Full details will be emailed and included in the Digest. RSVP at least a week before each activity to the secretary.


Secretary Donella Lister at qrtasec@gmail.com

State executive

Meet on the first Tuesday of the month (except for January).


Maryborough Group

Meetings and events

Lunches will be organised at the Maryborough Cricket Club at noon on the following Thursdays:

2017:  17 August and 16 November


Please contact  Ashley Taylor on (07) 4122  1651  or email, or Diane Humphreys on (07) 4121 2542 or email.


Rockhampton Branch (RRTA)

Meetings and events

Rockhampton Branch meets on the 2nd Monday of each month (unless a public holiday) at St Stephen’s Hall Burnett St, North Rockhampton.

Meetings start at 9.30am and alternate between in house meetings with a guest speaker and morning tea, and outings to places of interest, month about.

The Annual General Meeting occurs in August and the December meeting is followed by a Christmas luncheon.

Contact Ethel or Margaret for further details.


President Ethel Hugues (07) 4928 3599 or email

Sec/Treasurer Margaret Black (07) 4928 2490 or email


Townsville Branch (TORT)

Meetings and events

Lunches will be organised on the 2nd Friday of the month at noon in the Aitkenvale Tavern. 

If you would like to attend, please telephone Judy Maclean (07) 4721 1551 or email for details.


Judy Maclean: 07 4721 1551