Education Leaders in the QTU  

31 May 2017

The Promotional Positions Classification Review was the last concession from government in the last EB. The total review of the classification structure is the first in 25 years.  The latest completion date is 31 December, 2018. The review should result in double-digit increases in the next EB. We want member opinions and comments throughout this process. Please use the comment form provided.

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Principal Update: 27 April 2018

In this issue: PPCR focus group participation strongly encouraged | Higher duties directive | Appropriate and ethical use of public resources policy update | Investigations and discipline | Education leaders publication

Principal Update: 27 March 2018

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Principal Update 5 March 2018

In this edition: NAPLAN Online directive

Principal Update 24 Jan 2018

Semester 1  2018 - Timelines

Classified Teacher Recruitment and Selection

Activity Deputy Principal HOD/HOSES/HOC/GO EST (Eligible 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018)
Notification of Vacancy Form or Request to Hire 07 Feb 18 07 Feb 18
Applicant Review Panel 31 Jan 18 31 Jan 18
Vacancy Review Panel 28 Feb 18 01 Mar 18
Advertisement Date 15 Mar 18 16 Mar 18 23 Feb 18
Panel Membership Confirmed 15 Mar 18
28 Mar 18
16 Mar 18
29 Mar 18
23 Feb 18
28 Mar 18
Closing Date 28 Mar 18 29 Mar 18 28 Mar 18
Process Applications 29 Mar 18 30 Mar 18 29 Mar 18
12 Apr 18
Email Applications
Panel Chairs
29 Mar 18 30 Mar 18
02 Apr 18
17 Apr 18
Shortlisting form returned
Central Office
03 May 18 04 May 18
Selection Report due in Central Office 18 May 18 21 May 18 11 May 18
Appointment Release date 01 Jun 18 04 Jun 18 29 Jun 18
(last day of term)
Appointment date (merit/relocation ) 16 Jul 18 16 Jul 18  

Recruitment for Principal vacancies and classified vacancies in Independent Public Schools do not have specific timelines. Individual panels will determine their selection strategy and timelines.  Appointment announcements for these vacancies will occur throughout the year.

Please note these timelines are target dates. A panel may choose to finalise their process sooner and an earlier appointment release date may be possible.

The risk of legal action is something school leaders face on a daily basis. That’s why the Queensland Teachers’ Union gives such a high priority to giving its school leader members the best possible legal protection and assistance.

The Queensland Teachers’ Union established a legal assistance scheme many years ago in order to protect the legal and industrial rights of members.

Any legal action, whether it be prosecution or defence, is expensive. Without legal aid, you could face a severe financial setback from which you might never fully more

Education Leaders Committee

The QTU has a standing committee titled the Educational Administrators Committee (EAC) which comprises fifteen principals and associate administrators (DPs, HODs, HOSES). The committee is chaired by Ms Alan Cook.
The Education Leaders Committee undertakes the following tasks:

  • provides advice to the QTU Executive on a range of issues relevant to educational administrators and other members;
  • monitors departmental processes such as relocations and merit selection;
  • reviews and develops QTU policy relevant to educational administrators;
  • liaises with other QTU standing committees;
  • oversees the organisation of the annual QTU Education Leaders Conference.

Any members wishing to have EAC address a specific issue should outline the issue and send it to: (mark it Attention: Education Leaders Committee)