QTU privacy statement

  1. For all matters relating to personal information about an individual covered by the Privacy Act (1988), the individual will need to write to The General Secretary, QTU, PO Box 1750, Milton LPO, 4064.
  2. You may gain access to personal information about you held by the QTU.
  3. The information is collected to assist in achieving the objects of the Union and to provide trade union services, and benefits to members.
  4. The Union may disclose personal Information to:
  • Employers of members and relevant statutory authorities, for the purposes of representing members’ interests;
  • The Union’s Lawyers, for the purposes of representing members and advising the QTU in relation to members’ claims;
  • Union officials and other members acting on behalf of the QTU on union matters;
  • Organisations that provide access to a range of services where union membership is required, for the purpose of verification of union membership only;
  • Electoral Commission of Queensland for the conduct of ballots required under law;
  • Candidates in elections conducted by the Union in accordance with QTU Policy;
  • The Union’s mailing house for the distribution of notices and publications. A confidentiality agreement exists between the parties;
  • Researchers, to enable the conduct of QTU sponsored research;
  • Others as required by state and federal legislation.
  1. The QTU is committed to establishing confidentiality agreements where necessary with all external organisations to which this information is disclosed.
  2. The Industrial Relations Act 1999 requires that Unions maintain a record of home addresses. 
  3. If up-to-date personal information is not provided, you may not receive notices and publications and may not be able to access Union services or exercise your rights.