Why join the Queensland Teachers' Union (QTU)?

More than 43,000 teachers in the Queensland Government’s primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, colleges and TAFEs choose to belong to the QTU (95 per cent of all teachers, principals and administrators).

We are here to help you in times of difficulty, to negotiate better pay and conditions and to work on your behalf to promote the teaching profession.

Working for you

Improved conditions

The QTU has won many of the conditions teachers now take for granted, including smaller class sizes, the Remote Area Incentive Scheme, non-contact time, improved permanency and better behaviour management support.

Teacher salaries

Campaigning with members for the improvement of teachers’ salaries is one of the QTU’s most important roles.

Democracy in action

The success of the QTU as a campaigning union is built on the active involvement of members at all levels.

Standing up for state schools

The QTU campaigns for improved funding for state schools with the state and federal governments.

It’s your insurance policy

QTU membership is your insurance policy. Things can go wrong, so you need someone on your side.

Legal assistance

QTU members have the reassurance of the best legal and professional protection available.

Grievance service

Need support? The Union regularly takes up the cases of members who are unjustly treated.

Information and advice

The Queensland Teachers’ Assist Desk (QTAD) offers immediate advice on pay, leave and general working conditions.

Professional services

The Union represents teachers at the Queensland College of Teachers, the Queensland Studies Authority, and on university committees and professional advisory groups.

Other Member services

Other services to members include the QTU website, the Queensland Teachers’ Journal, the QTU Library, the Queensland Teachers’ Education Centre (QTEC), and access to Teachers’ Union Health, Union Shopper and RACQ Bank (formerly QT Mutual Bank).