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The QTU ban on NAPLAN Online remains in place

In June, in consideration of the Queensland State Government’s agreement to conduct a review of NAPLAN and the commencement of negotiations on a NAPLAN joint statement, the QTU Executive determined to lift the ban in relation ONLY to time sensitive NAPLAN Online training and readiness activities. This decision was communicated in a Newsflash.

In the absence of a decision as to whether NAPLAN Online will take place in 2019, the QTU agreed with the Department of Education that a limited range of activities could be undertaken throughout semester two to ensure that workload and resources were not put under strain in the early part of 2019, should the Union lift the ban on the test.

At QTU State Council on 11 August, consideration will be given to the following motion: That the ban on the 2019 NAPLAN Online test only be lifted if:

  • the Queensland Department of Education can guarantee that there will be no disadvantage experienced by those moving to NAPLAN Online
  • an effective joint statement between the Union and the Department of Education that addresses the concerns the QTU has raised about the impact of NAPLAN in Queensland has been negotiated
  • the Queensland Government is committed to acting on the findings of the Queensland NAPLAN Review​​​​​​


Uploaded 8 August 2018.

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