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The 2019 experienced senior teacher selection process opens on 22 February, and this year is open to even more senior teachers, thanks to the QTU.

The QTU successfully negotiated to compress the EST eligibility timelines during the 2016 EB8 negotiations. That means that a four year-trained senior teacher now becomes eligible after just two years of full-time equivalent service (reduced from four years under the previous agreement). A three year-trained senior teacher is now eligible after completing five years of full-time equivalent service (formerly seven).

Arising from the 2018 application process, the QTU has been able to achieve further guarantees from the department. Employees in promotional positions either relinquishing or relieving below level will now have access to the relevant salary, either senior teacher or EST, subject to years of service and satisfactory performance.

Additionally, employees from interstate can access EST provided that they can demonstrate that they have met the relevant years of service, complete the application process, and have their application verified by their supervisor and reviewed by a Queensland panellist.

The next EST recruitment round will be advertised at

To apply, you will be required to: 
a. complete a two-page pro-forma application
b. receive verification of your application from your supervisor and acknowledgement of application from your principal where the principal is not the supervisor
c. submit your application electronically by the closing date of 29 March.

The department states that no late or incomplete applications will be accepted. Outcomes of EST panels will be released on 15 July. 

For more information, visit

If you are a senior teacher and you are unsure of your eligibility, contact the Payroll Teacher Classification Team at or on 1300 365718, stating the nature of your enquiry, your full name and your employee number.

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