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Guaranteed teacher transfer pilot

Applications have opened for the pilot of a new guaranteed transfer process, which will ensure that teachers who have undertaken the required minimum service receive a transfer to one of two preferred geographic areas (teachers in AMP centres) or one of three (for other teachers).

You will receive an email if you are eligible for the pilot, and the documents will be uploaded to OnePortal.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be in a TR4-7 school and have completed the minimum service requirements for the school 
  • have 20 or more points
  • list at least two geographic preferences (if you are in an AMP community)
  • list at least three geographic preferences (in all other communities)
  • be capable of teaching at least two subject areas, neither of which are to be phased out (only applies to secondary teachers).

If you comply with all four criteria (primary and special) or five criteria (secondary) you will be guaranteed a transfer. If you do not comply with at least one of the criteria, you will not.

Applications open this week and close on 7 June. The process is first in first served – so you should make your application as soon as possible. 

This will require school principals to support transfer applications as they come in, rather than in one bulk process as in previous years. Principals in transfer rating 4-7 schools were advised of the processes in the last week of term one. Principals in transfer rating 1-3 schools will be advised what is expected of schools in term two. 

For more information, you can contact the department’s Teacher Mobility Project team at

Uploaded 24 April 2019


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