Workload Wednesday

Additional workload demands from regions

The QTU has heard from members at certain workplaces that additional workload is being proposed as a result of targets set by regions, including the need to record additional data in OneSchool. 

All schools should have a current data plan, and if the new/additional tasks are not referenced in the plan, they should not be completed. 

The QTU and the department agreed to the Joint Statement on the Purpose and Use of Data in State Schools to avoid such expectations being placed upon school leaders and teachers. A copy of the current joint statement can be found at…/Joint_statement_on_Purpose_and_use…

If additional data is to be generated and recorded, there needs to be consideration of the workload implications of such requests and the associated resourcing provided to complete them.

If you do not have a current data plan in your school, it should be raised with your local QTU Workplace Representative and listed for discussion at your local consultative committee’s next meeting.
If you have an example of a task being requested outside of your current data plan, this should also be reported to the Union via QTAD or your Regional Organiser.

Uploaded 21 August 2019

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