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Are you ready for WWAM?

The countdown to this November’s third QTU Workload, Wellbeing and Assertiveness Month (WWAM) is now well underway – have you finalised your WWAM plans yet?

WWAM is a great chance to come together with your colleagues to find ways to reduce your workload in preparation for the next school year.

But first, make sure that you are all familiar with the provisions of the new agreement designed to address issues with workload, including:

  • the LCC as the mechanism to address workload
  • the principles of good management as outlined in the schedule to the agreement
  • the new workload management clause
  • workplace health and safety clauses
  • a commitment to the joint statements
  • class sizes at or below targets except in exceptional circumstances and following consultation with staff
  • consultation to determine the purpose, frequency and duration of staff meetings
  • agreement on the bus and playground duty roster to ensure agreed rest/pauses and uninterrupted meal breaks
  • replacement of NCT lost as a consequence of planned school activities
  • the use of the award entitlement to NCT at the teacher’s discretion.

In addition to ensuring that these conditions are being met at your workplace, why not determine matters that contribute to increasing workloads and suggest processes that could reduce it in submissions to the Workload Advisory Council. More information on the process for submissions will be provided once the agreement is certified.

Visit during November for a range of helpful WWAM resources, and don’t forget to let us have photos and an outline of your activities during WWAM so we can share your successes with the wider membership

Uploaded 16 October 2019

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