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Workload Wednesday
24 Apr. 2019, 11:12 am
Guaranteed teacher transfer pilot
11 Apr. 2019, 1:29 pm
information updated April 2019
Supply teachers and playground duty - 3 April 2019
3 Apr. 2019, 12:09 pm
TAFE EB10 bulletins
3 Apr. 2019, 11:19 am
3 Apr: The Morrison Government’s Federal Budget has failed the fairness test by neglecting to put public education first
3 Apr. 2019, 9:45 am
This Budget announcement can only be viewed as a cynical vote-buying exercise, not a genuine commitment to education for our children
Temp Teacher Communique - No. 16 March 2019
27 Mar. 2019, 11:15 am
In this issue: l contract termination advice | the temporary to permanent conversion process and timelines | ESOR | PD opportunities | vacation pay | student free days.
Legal: Reducing cyberbullying in schools
19 Mar. 2019, 2:00 pm
“Reducing cyberbullying in schools – international evidence-based best practices” reflects a diverse range of experience and research on this difficult subject, with a focus on evidence-based solutions.
The 2019 teacher transfer process
19 Mar. 2019, 1:33 pm
Although we are still in term one, it is timely to discuss the transfer process, which began in February.
Relocation trial underway
19 Mar. 2019, 1:07 pm
The pilot of classified teacher relocations has commenced on principles negotiated with the QTU as the industrial representatives of teachers and principals. 
Deputy principals deserve better
19 Mar. 2019, 1:03 pm
The QTU is insisting that the next EB includes a revised classification and salary structure for classified positions. Here QTU deputy principal members explain what they do, the stresses involved and what they hope to see in the future.
Spreading the FFN! message
19 Mar. 2019, 12:24 pm
What is a fair go? This concept seems self-explanatory, but when you think about the Morrison Coalition government’s funding model for public education, the idea of a “fair go” for our students is missing.
To change the rules, we might just have to change the government...
19 Mar. 2019, 12:20 pm
As yet another federal election looms, it is easy for people to be cynical about the political process in this country. So why do we bother?
EB9: It's time to deliver
19 Mar. 2019, 12:07 pm
The EB claim was forwarded to the government in early February, with the request for bargaining to commence as soon as practicable. Informal negotiations commenced in mid- February.


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