Independent Public Schools (IPS)

Background of Independent Public Schools (IPS) in Queensland

The Queensland Independent Public School (IPS) program was introduced by the Newman LNP state government in 2012.
A 2015 review of the Queensland IPS program found no evidence of improvements in student outcomes attributable to the IPS program and highlighted significant negative consequences for human resource management within the Department and for schools not a part of the program. The Queensland Labor government responded with a review of the policy framework for IPS in 2016 and has committed to limit IPS to a maximum of 250 schools. These were welcome changes, with the QTU participating in the review of the policy framework.
The QTU is aware that IPS in Queensland contributes to significant problems with teachers and principals accessing transfers, relocations and permanent employment in the state school system as a whole.

A further evaluation of IPS, required by the 2016 policy framework, has just been completed and the outcomes were released on 25 October, 2018.

The report makes seven recommendations which provide a useful framework for addressing the widely held concerns about the impacts of the IPS initiative. One of the recommendations was the immediate implementation of changes to the Department’s human resource management system. The QTU is working with other stakeholders to develop an implementation plan for the recommendations for consideration by the Premier and her Cabinet.

QTU views on IPS






MOA Independent public schools (IPS)

The QTU and the department signed a new memorandum of agreement (MOA) early in 2018

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IPS policy framework

The key features of Independent Public Schools are explained in the IPS Policy Framework document, published by the Department of Education.

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MOA - Independent public schools (IPS) (March 2018)

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IPS action ballot results (QTU Newsflash - 7 Dec 2018)

IPS evaluation complete – real change in HR practices expected (QTU Newsflash - 19 Nov 2018). 

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