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Page updated 23 August 2016

DET processes for managing provisional IPS and withdrawal from IPS

Copy of email sent to IPS principals and QTU Reps 14 September 2017

DET processes for managing provisional IPS and withdrawal from IPS

Since early this year, the QTU has been working to get the department to develop and publish processes for managing provisional IPS (18 schools selected in 2016 round) and for allowing schools to withdraw from IPS as provided for in the new IPS Framework released in late 2016.

The QTU was briefed on draft processes in the early part of this term and DET approval processes are still underway. QTU Executive provided feedback on the processes which has been adopted by DET in the current draft.

For your information, a copy of the current draft processes for withdrawal, both school initiated and DET initiated, can be found here. This process has not been approved by DET and may be subject to change. 

Given the fact that the end of Term 3 is upon us and evaluation processes for provisional IPS schools will be conducted in Term 4, the August QTU State Council meeting resolved to advise schools of the progress of developments.

The DET initiated process is intended for use with the 18 provisional schools from the 2016 round.  This will mean that confirmation of ongoing access to IPS will be subject to a formal review process and a recommendation from the Director-General.

Further information and advice will be provided to all IPS as soon as the procedures are approved. In the meantime, please contact the QTU via the website here or on if you have questions regarding this matter.

These are interim steps. Federal funding for IPS is finishing. The QTU’s position is that some of the autonomy enjoyed by IPS should be extended to all, while some aspects should be reviewed or rescinded at the end of federal funding.

Graham Moloney
General Secretary

Applying for IPS status for 2017

On Friday 19 August, the department announced that the closing date to apply to become an Independent Public School in 2017 will be Friday 11 November 2016. Late applications will not be accepted

 More information:

IPS Strategic Directions Steering Committee

Transfers for members in an IPS

Employees in an IPS wishing to transfer will need to apply through the department’s normal transfer processes applicable to teachers or non-teaching staff. The application to opt out is included in the “Independent Public Schools – Opting Out – Discussion Guide” (available from the Principal in the IPSchool)

All permanent staff who have a substantive position at the school at the time the school becomes an IPS can opt out. This includes those staff who may not be present in the school, e.g. due to secondments, relieving at level or higher duties at another location, transfers due to take up duty in the future, maternity leave, deferred salary scheme leave, long service leave or leave without pay. This means classified teachers can be relocated out (through the relocation process) and teachers transferring into an IPS can opt out.