Key timelines – ACER Review of Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance

April 2013

The Queensland Government holds a parliamentary inquiry into the assessment methods of the senior subjects of chemistry, maths, and physics. The QTU makes a submission to the inquiry which can be found here.

The Education and Innovation Parliamentary sub-committee recommends that the government introduce up to 50 per cent external assessment as part of a student’s overall result in at least these three subjects.

June 2013

The Queensland Government commissions the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to undertake an independent review of the senior assessment and tertiary entrance processes in Queensland. Reviewers Geoffrey Masters and Gabrielle Matters are engaged to undertake the review. There is an extensive consultation period and the QTU, along with other key stakeholders, provides a submission to the review. This submission took the form of a position statement and was developed through the usual democratic processes.

September 2014

The reviewers release a media statement with some recommendations, but not the complete report. QTU President Kevin Bates provides the following comments to the media:

October 2014

ACER publicly releases the report entitled ““Redesigning the Secondary-Tertiary Interface: Queensland review of senior assessment and tertiary entrance”, together with other research, on their website

November 2014

The QTU considers the report and subsequently develops a response which is endorsed at November Council. The QTU response is located on our website.

December 2014

The QTU response to the report is sent to the Minister for Education for his information and to help inform the government response.

The government releases its response on 29 December. This response can be found here.

January 2015

The Queensland state election is held on Saturday 31 January 2015. The government is in caretaker mode and there is no further activity regarding the status of the review.

February 2015

A new Labor government is elected in Queensland. The new Education Minister, Kate Jones MP, is appointed. The QTU is seeking to meet with the new Minister around a range of issues, including this review. The new government will need time to analyse the review and develop its response.