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QTU Rainbow Action Group and Networks

Welcome to the website for the QTU's LGBTIQ+ action group and networks.  

At its September 2018 meeting, members of the QTU's LGBTIQ+ Action group met to discuss a range of issues impacting LGBTIQ+ members in the union, and in their workplaces.  One of the key recommendations arising from the meeting was that, aligning with the Queensland government's "Rainbow Liaison Officers" and the wide spread use and recognition of the rainbow label, they wish to be known as the QTU Rainbow Action Group and Networks.

Currently there are a lot of developments in the LGBTIQ+ space, not only within the QTU itself but also QCU, QCT, the Department of Education and within the team at True.  

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LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Education - resources for school leadership structures.

Principals and school leadership structures support inclusive learning environments for all students, working in partnership with parents and carers. This work is guided by social and emotional wellbeing frameworks, embedded in education policies and procedures.

The Capability, Confidence and Diversity Initiative provides professional development and support for school staff in Queensland to maintain educational environments inclusive of all students, including those who may be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+). This involves phone support, online and mixed mode professional development, and advice for schools to enhance parent and carer engagement.

Find more information on this see the tabs below.  The links in the right hand side will provide resources form the Department's student learning and well-being framework to assist schools, parents and students to create and maintain safe and supportive environments for LGBTIQ+ students.

Resources for LGBTIQ+ Students

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