Special Education Committee

special_ed.gifWhat is the QTU Special Education Committee?

The QTU Special Education Committee is a Standing Committee of the QTU which:

  • makes recommendations to QTU Conference or Council on appropriate policies for the QTU in the area of special education;
  • makes recommendations and provides advice to Executive and/or Council on any matters related to special education;
  • gives consideration to matters referred to it by Executive, Council, Conference, Branches and Area Councils;
  • receives and considers reports from QTU Representatives on outside bodies which have to do with special education and provides appropriate advice on these reports to Executive or Council. 

More information on the Committee can be found below.

QTU Special Education Committee

The Committee consists of 10 members elected by QTU State Council plus a chair who is a member of QTU Executive. Current members of the QTU Special Education Committee:

  • Perry Anderson 
  • Roselynne Anderson 
  • Jenny McLeod
  • Jenny Horchner-Wilson
  • Bronwyn Gartside
  • Steve Leese
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Lauren Quinn
  • Kellie Ryan
  • Brent Woollett

Terms of office are for three year periods (current term expires May 2017). Vacancies on the Committee are advertised in the Teachers’ Journal and any financial member of the Union can nominate.

The Committee meets 5-7 times per year in Milton (some members participate via teleconference).

The Committee also maintains a “Special Education Network” members of which receive copies of Committee agendas, agenda papers and minutes.

The Committee and the QTU take a broad view of what constitutes “special education” and the QTU defines students with special educational needs (the target population for the delivery of special education services) to include those students:

  • with disabilities;
  • with learning difficulties/disabilities
  • who demonstrate significant behavioural and adjustment difficulties;
  • who have significant medical conditions.