Temporary, contract and casual QTU members

The QTU provides support for members in temporary, contract and casual positions (who  face a range of unique issues in their employment) by providing ready access to advice and information; detailed information brochures ; a dedicated e-newsletter, “Temporary Teacher Communiqué” and  advocacy and advice throughout the conversion to permanency process.

Assistance is available through QTAD (the Queensland Teachers’ Assist Desk), your local Organiser and a specialist QTU officers is there to help with more complex issues.

DET has not yet finalised the dates for the conversion of temporary teachers to permanent process for 2018. The QTU is regularly following up with the department for release of the dates for this year.

Updated 22 Feb 2018.

Below is a list of QTU brochures and fact sheets of interest to temporary teachers. For links to the full range of advice, information and legal brochures and fact sheets click here.

Temporary, casual and contract QTU members seeking advice:

The QTU provides advocacy and advice throughout the conversion to permanency process for QTU members. If you are a temporary teacher seeking permanency, please start by completing this form and returning it to the appropriate address listed on the form. 

Temp teacher communique - November 2017 (No.14)

In this edition: An update on the conversion to permanency process and how to make the most of it | Summer vacation pay and student free days | Suitability interviews are currently under review - what it means for you | Your Union dues, and why they change if you become permanent.

Temp teacher communique - July 2017 (No.13)

In this issue: Term three timelines for conversion to permanency process | Supply teachers working conditions | What is casual work? | Salaries | Supply day or a contract? | Conditions of employment | other conditions of employment | Credit for LSL | access to paid parental leave | continuity of service | supply teacher reciprocal membership | CPD | QTEC | PD opportunity | Learning place | myQTU | further information | no longer teaching

Temp teacher communique - March 2017 (No.12)

In this issue : Term one – conversion to permanency offers under the MOA | Temporary employment: the legislative context | Cessation of a contract | Payment for student free days/PD hours during the Easter vacation period

Temp Teachers Communique - August 2016 (No.11)

EB8 and temporary teachers

Temp teachers communique - May 2016 (No.10)

In this issue: Managing the conversion to permanency process

Temporary Teacher Communique is sent by email to QTU members who have indicated they are temporary, casual or contract in their membership details. If you are not receiving the newsletter and you believe you should be, please check your details in myQTU member portal to make sure your details including your email address are up to date.