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August 2020 : NAPLAN Review Final Report released

What is the NAPLAN review?

In September 2019 a comprehensive review of NAPLAN was announced to be jointly delivered by the state governments of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The purpose of the review is to identify what a standardised testing regime in Australian schools should deliver, assess how well NAPLAN achieves this, and identify short and longer-term improvements that can be made.

The review is led by a panel of experts in curriculum and assessment: Emeritus Professor Barry McGaw, Emeritus Professor William Louden and Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith.

 The review panel delivered the NAPLAN Review final report on Friday 27 August 2020

20 March 2020 : Advice from the NAPLAN online team

Cancellation of 2020 NAPLAN due to COVID-19 and NAPLAN Online Combined Practice Test 23rd March 2020

Many of you will be aware that Education Ministers today have agreed to cancel NAPLAN for 2020.  The Education Council Communique can be found at

The QCAA is working on communications to all Queensland schools regarding this decision and will forward to them shortly.  The NAPLAN Online Program Team is working on a specific communication to the schools who were transitioning this year thanking them for their efforts getting ready for NAPLAN Online.

In discussions with State Schools Curriculum and Learning as well as the I&TB Customer Engagement team the NAPLAN Online program team will provide additional online Digital Learning support to schools to manage increased school absenteeism.  Details on this are still being worked through but the team’s school knowledge will be extremely valuable in providing this additional support. 

Information  supplied by  Department of Education, 20 March 2020


Queensland Review of NAPLAN 2018 (March 2019)

The Queensland Review of NAPLAN has now been completed, providing an insight into parents’ and school communities’ experiences and perceptions of NAPLAN and its ongoing value in school and education system improvement.

Phase 1 of the review, conducted by Dr Gabrielle Matters, gathered parents’ perceptions of NAPLAN.

Phase 2 of the review, conducted by the Australian Catholic University, gathered the views of school communities and system representatives from all schooling sectors.

The Queensland review reflects the the findings of the QTU member survey of NAPLAN which was conducted in April/May 2018

QTU statement 28 March 2019

The Queensland government has released the findings of the 2018 review of NAPLAN.

More than 7,500 parents, 5,800 teachers and principals, 3000 students and 200 education stakeholders including the QTU, responded to the review. Responses covered 77per cent of Queensland’s schools across all sectors.

The QTU has lifted the ban on the NAPLAN online test as the state government has provided an assurance that no school will be disadvantaged by moving online. 

The Queensland government response to the review outlines in detail the action that the Department of Education will take to address the review's findings.

The QTU applauds the government’s commitment to finding new and better ways than NAPLAN to monitor student progress.

[28 March 2019]

Queensland government response (March 2019)

The Queensland Government Response identifies actions the Queensland Government will take to respond to the findings of the review.

The QTU will be working with the department to oversee the implementation of these actions which include

  • a review of the Joint Statement on NAPLAN and the Joint Statement on the Use and Purpose of data in Queensland Schools
  • a targeted communication strategy for parents, students and the school community
  • a review of the School Planning, Reporting and Reviewing Framework
  • clear guidance for schools on how to  use NAPLAN results and various types of data at a school and student level
  •  clear guidance for parents on the types of assessment their students might expect during their school journey
  • a commitment to supporting student and teacher wellbeing during assessment periods

Members will be advised of the progress of these actions.

Tri-state review of NAPLAN


 QTU President comments : Educators heard in first stage of NAPLAN tri-state review

 6 December 2019 : The release today of the interim report of the tri-state review of NAPLAN shows that the voices of the teaching profession are finally being heard on the issue of high-stakes testing. A copy of the interim report can be accessed here.

Delegates at the QTU Conference (1-3 July 2019)  were informed by the Education Minister that Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria have agreed to undertake their own comprehensive review of NAPLAN, in light of the refusal of Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan to commission such a review. The terms of reference are yet to be developed for this review, and other states may yet agree to join. As a key education stakeholder, the QTU will be consulted in the review. 

Delegates carried the following resolution:

  If the review of NAPLAN delivered by Minister Grace does not recommend an end to NAPLAN by the start of 2020, then the QTU will ballot members to ban NAPLAN testing in 2020.

Report of results of QTU member survey on NAPLAN and MySchool, 2018

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