5 May 2017 AEU Media Release: Greens must oppose Turnbull's funding model

No political party that supports equity or fair funding of schools should support Malcolm Turnbull’s new schools funding model, the AEU said today.

4 May 2017 AEU media release: Voters prefer Gonski to 'out of touch' Turnbull's company tax cuts

A clear majority of voters in the Coalition’s 20 most marginal seats want Malcolm Turnbull to reverse his cuts to Gonski funding and believe it is far more important for Australia’s future than his plan for a $48 billion corporate tax cut.

4 May 2017 AEU media release: Birmingham admits new plan won't give all students the resources they need

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has admitted that there is no guarantee schools will reach the Schooling Resource Standard under the Turnbull Government’s new funding model.

4 May 2017 AEU media release: Turnbull's one year funding commitment won't end preschool uncertainty

Today’s announcement that the Turnbull Government will extend preschool funding to the end of 2018 won’t end the sector’s long-term uncertainty.

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