QTU Media Releases

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Media Releases:

21 Mar 2017 : Schools and Harmony Day 2017 – Everyone belongs

Since it was first held in 1999, Harmony Day has grown to become a significant annual day for Australians to come together, celebrate our nation’s cultural diversity and share what we have in common.

1 Mar 2017 AEU Media Release: Gonski bus campaign to fight Malcolm Turnbull's cuts

The AEU’s “I Give a Gonski” Campaign will launch a national bus tour in Adelaide and Brisbane today to highlight the great results Gonski funding is delivering to schools and the threat to students from Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to scrap Gonski after this year.

24 Feb 2017 AEU Media Release: Turnbull must act on Gonski evidence

The AEU today called on Malcolm Turnbull to abandon his plans to slash Gonski funding for schools releasing a new report showing the outstanding results schools are already achieving with increased Gonski funding.

6 July 2016 AEU Media Release: Crossbenchers must back Gonski as polls show public supports it

The AEU has called on Independent and minor party MPs to stand up for Gonski funding in any negotiations over forming government in the wake of Saturday’s election....

22 June 2016: Gonski Week culminating event on 24 June

Rally of Gonski supporters and pledge by political candidates to implement the full Gonski school-funding model Friday 24 June

16 June 2016 AEU media release: On National TAFE Day, TAFEs need 70 percent funding guarantee

Today’s National TAFE Day sees public vocational education in Australia still under threat and emphasises the importance of guaranteeing TAFEs the 70 per cent share of VET funding they need.

1 June 2016 : AEU media release : New report shows Gonski needed to fight inequality in schools

16 May 2016 AEU media release: New analysis shows government funding increases to private schools double those of public schools

The importance of the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding has been highlighted by a new AEU analysis showing government funding to private schools has increased at twice the rate of public schools.

7 May 2016 AEU media release: New report shows how Gonski funding is lifting student results

Gonski funding is delivering improved results for students. The 'Getting Results: Gonski funding in Australia’s schools' report, profiles 24 schools which have used needs-based Gonski funding to lift student performance.

3 May 2016 AEU media release: Turnbull’s Budget fails fairness test and abandons disadvantaged students

Today’s federal budget has confirmed that Malcolm Turnbull will abandon needs-based Gonski funding and turn his back on disadvantaged schools and their students.

26 Feb 2016 AEU media release: AEU to back Gonski with new TV advertising campaign

The AEU will spend $2 million on Free-to-Air TV advertising as part of its campaign to secure bi-partisan support for the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding.

28 Jan 2016 AEU media release: Turnbull must match Labor's commitment to full Gonski

The AEU today welcomed Labor's commitment to delivering the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding to our schools and called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to match it.

Media release 14 Aug 2015: Rally alert

Rally to show support for Yeronga State High School student Mojgan Shamaslipoor, her teachers and the school community and express opposition to the forced transfer of Brisbane high school students to a detention centre in Darwin

Media release 28 Jan 2015 : Save TAFE for Queensland

19 Nov 2013 : Teachers and principals rally to reclaim their profession

11 June 2013 : School-by-school Gonski figures show how much Queensland's children have to gain

The Queensland Teachers’ Union has welcomed today’s release of school-by-school calculations for Gonski funding in Queensland schools, saying it confirms the urgent need for the Queensland Premier to sign up the much-needed reforms.

31 May 2013 : Call to Invest in Queensland, Invest in TAFE

3 May 2013 : Lessons for Premier on Labour Day

Teachers, principals and TAFE educators around Queensland will celebrate and demonstrate over the Labour Day weekend.

30 April 2013 : Class sizes DO count

The QTU has condemned the Queensland Government’s abandonment of class size targets, as announced today in the Government’s response to the Commission of Audit recommendations

28 Ap 2013 : More questions than answers on discipline

8 April 2013 : Teachers and principals will be heard on education changes

28 Feb 2013 : QTU to question state/federal divide

29 Oct 2012 : Teachers accept Government offer

3 Oct 2012 : Teachers to vote on new Government offer

The QTU will ballot members on a revised offer made by the State Government during enterprise bargaining negotiations. The offer…

20 Sep 2012 : Teachers and principals vote for industrial action

Queensland state school teachers and principals have voted to take industrial action in protest against the Queensland Governmen…

12 Sep 2012 : Devils emerge from education budget detail

11 Sep 2012 : Education's flatline budget fails to excite

20 Aug 2012 : Third rally to say: teachers’ conditions are not for sale, anywhere

30 July 2012 : Teachers rally to say "No can do"

10 July 2012 : Queensland educators give a Gonski

Queensland Teachers’ Union members and officers will meet with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and senior Federal Government Mini…

19 June 2012 :Teachers rally for education’s future

Media release: Teachers, principals and student teachers will hold an after-school rally outside Parliament House tomorrow (Wedn…

20 Mar 2012 : Promises, promises – QTU releases party report card

6 Mar 2012 : Teachers and principals give Newman "F"

30 Jan 2012 : Data misuse halts school audits

18 Jan 2012 : Queensland teachers have a new advocate

12 Jan 2012 : Teachers' tips on easing back to school

2012 Qld Election Report Card

3 Sep 2012 : Queensland teachers glad that Gillard gives a Gonski

The model represents a fundamental change that recognises the value to the nation of investing in education for all children, pa…

23 Nov 2011 : Education Trust an investment in Queensland’s future

21 Nov 2011 : School support is key to making local ideas work

QTU President Steve Ryan said the discussion paper had avoided many of the populist but ill-conceived “local autonomy” notions that would treat principals as ‘business managers’ and leave them struggling to do ever more with ever less, taking them away from their key roles as school curriculum leaders.

18 Sep 2011 : Harmonising school terms makes sense

9 Sep 2011 : School investment pays off

14 Jun 2011 : Teachers urge government to keep the future in sight

9 Jun 2011 : Year 7 move can work – if teachers kept in the loop

8 Mar 2011 : Teachers vital to flood recovery