TAFE members:

9 Dec 2016 (CQU) : EB negotiations held over until new year

7 Nov 2016 : QTU TAFE EB ballot open

24 Oct 2016: TAFE EB negotiations successful

20 May 2016 (CQU) : TAFE Queensland’s modern award – further delays

An update on the TAFE Qld award modernisation | EB update | Members suggestions are encouraged for the log of claims

28 July 2016: Enterprise bargaining begins

23 June 2016: Rescue TAFE

To rescue TAFE and restore faith in vocational education, PUT THE LNP LAST on 2 July.

9 June 2016 : Modern award made

20 May 2016: Modern award - delayed further

An update on the award modernisation | EB update | Members suggestions are encouraged for the log of claims

11 May 2016: TAFE Award Modernisation

After many months of negotiations, an agreed position (known as a “consent position”) between TAFE Queensland and the relevant unions, including the QTU, has been reached regarding the modern TAFE Award...

CQU members

9 December 2015: 2015 in review

As 2015 draws to a close, it is time to take stock of all that has been achieved in the past 12 months...

9 December 2015: 2015 in review (Central Queensland members)

As 2015 draws to a close, it is time to take stock of all that has been achieved in the past 12 months.

31 August 2015 :TAFE pay increase - 2.5 per cent from 1 July

23 July 2015: Award to be modernised; working conditions retained

16 July 2015 : Future for TAFE brighter with repeal of QTAMA Bill

TAFE Queensland’s future has been strengthened, and a key state election promise has been kept, by the Labor state government with the passage of the Queensland Training Asset Management Authority Repeal Bill 2015 through Parliament last night.

29 Jan 2015 : Stop-work drives home TAFE messages

Congratulations to all QTU members who participated in the stop-work and rallies this morning.

28 Jan 2015 : TAFE stop-work, Thursday 29 January proceeding

The TAFE two hour stop-work and rallies on Thursday 29 January 2015 will proceed. A number of rallies have been scheduled in centres across the state...

22 Jan 2015 : Protest and publicise the attacks on TAFE Stop work - 29 January 2015

Last year members were balloted for industrial action on a site-by-site basis for either a 24 hours or a 2 hours stop-work. In looking at the results from the ballots, there was greater support for a two hour stop-work.

18 December 2015

27 Nov 2014 : QTU TAFE council resolves to ballot for industrial action

20 Nov 2014 : TAFE EB arbitration and award modernisation

The QTU is continuing to vigorously oppose moves by TAFE Queensland in the Industrial Relations Commission that have delayed overdue salary increases for TAFE teachers and now seek to gut the conditions contained in the award.

28 October 2014 : QTU application for referral of TAFE EB to arbitration rejected on legal grounds

24 September 2014: Overtime dispute update | Arbitration update

23 June 2014 : Transfer to the new TAFE Queensland statutory authority

With the transfer on 1 July, 2014, there are a number of matters that QTU TAFE members need to be aware of that significantly affect their working conditions.

21 May 2014 : Industrial Court overturns referral of TAFE EB to arbitration

This means that arbitration will not proceed at this stage and the matter has been remitted to the Commission. More here...

17 Feb 2014 : TAFE Inquiry – Specific examples of effects of TAFE reforms sought

14 Feb 2014 : TAFE overtime arrangements 2014

29 Jan 2014 : Senate inquiry, EB and more

News for TAFE members: Senate TAFE inquiry, Select Committee on Northern Australia and TAFE EB

12 Dec 2013 : Hearing postponed; CQ amalgamation : TAFE newwsflash

Developments in TAFE - TAFE appeal hearing postponed - Central Queensland amalgamation

28 Nov 2013 : Date for TAFE appeal hearing set, TAFE Newsflash

A hearing date for the DETE appeal against Deputy President Bloomfield’s decision to refer TAFE enterprise bargaining to arbitration has been set for 16 December.

26 Nov 2013 : TAFE newsflash

5 Nov 2013: Updates - EB _ Redundancy provision of IR legislation,TAFE newsflash

10 September 2013 : Overtime issues, TAFE Newsflash

Advice to members re: recent developments in relation to access to overtime for TAFE employees.

19 Aug 2013 : TAFE EB8 newsflash no. 10

DETE appeals the 30 July decision of the QIRC for the TAFE EB to be arbitrated

16 August 2013 : My TAFE

TAFE EB to go to arbitration: 1 August 2013

1 August 2013 : Reponse to CEO message

QTU response to TAFE Queensland Chief Executive Officer's message regarding the decision of the QIRC to refer the TAFE Educational Employees EB to arbitration.

16 July 2013 : Members reject DETE EB offer

11 July 2013 : TAFE EB8 newsflash no 7

18 June 2013 : TAFE EB8 newsflash no.5

31 May 2013 : TAFE EB8 newsflash no.4,

TAFE EB8 - Monday June 3 is National TAFE Day - Industrial relations legislation - TAFE teacher accommodation

17 May 2013 : Government reveals draft VET investment plan

14 May 2013, TAFE EB8 newsflash no. 3, 2013

EB8 negotiations continuing- Survey of members on EB matters - TAFE Queensland Bill - National TAFE Inquiry

TAFE newsflash 30 Ap 2013

19 April 2013 : TAFE EB8 newsflash no. 2, 2013

The second TAFE Educational Employees EB negotiation meeting was held on Friday 19 April. At the meeting the Department presented a comprehensive EB offer & the QTU presented its log of claims to DETE representatives

18 April 2013 : TAFE newsflash 02, 2013

8 April 2013 : TAFE EB8 newsflash no. 1, 2013

Negotiations for the replacement TAFE Certified Agreement commenced today.

30 Nov 2012 : Redundancy services

Qsuper and Qinvest are providing information to people who have been offered redundancies. Find out more here

16 Nov 2012 : New EB certified

21 Sep 2012 : TAFE Newsflash - Skills and Training Taskforce submission

The QTU has made a submission to the Skills and Training Taskforce, contrary to what the Minister has said recently. This Newsflash includes a link to the submission...

18 Sep 2012 : New TAFE enterprise bargaining agreement to be certified in Commission

With the majority of TAFE teachers and tutors supporting certification of the proposed replacement certified agreement, the TAFE Council of the QTU has authorised the Union to sign off on the draft agreement and to support its certification in the Commission.

4 Sep 2012 : Government reneges on TAFE agreement even before vote finishes

24 Aug 2012 : TAFE members vote yes to government wages offer

Important information for TAFE members on the ballot for the proposed replacement TAFE Educational Employees Certified Agreement including what you need to do next.

3 Aug 2012: TAFE EB ballot on government offer

6 July 2012 : Government makes first EB offer

After a protracted delay in the commencement of enterprise bargaining negotiations, the Government has tabled an offer for a short-term or “interim” agreement.

22 June 2012 : TAFE newsflash - Skills and Training Taskforce - VET regulation - EB& update 2

7 June 2012 : TAFE EB 7 progress report