2020 Newsflashes
Content: NAPLAN ban | 2020-2021 state budget | New QCE workload | Public sector reforms | Recruitment and selection | Workplace reforms | End of year gifts | Senior teacher applications | Workload Advisory Council | Staying informed over the holidays
Content: NAPLAN update | Student code of conduct | Workload reviews
Public Service Act changes
NAPLAN ballot results | NAPLAN directive | State election and NAPLAN | Workload still in focus | Student free days | QuEST – face-to-face PD is back | Financial literacy bootcamp for women | UQ survey on learning during COVID-19
Workload reductions delivered | End of the 2020 school year | Student free days at the commencement of 2021 | NAPLAN ballot
Agreed Statement
NAPLAN vote extended to 6 October.
NAPLAN ballot closes 6 OCT 2020
NAPLAN ban ballot | member ballot briefings | bballot process | New QTU presidential team elected
NAPLAN | Where to from here? The ultimate NAPLAN ballot | Workload reduction strategy | Student-free days 2021 | Early end to 2020 school year | National Week of Solidarity: 6-12 September | QTU Organiser position vacant
Contents: Workload reduction | Significant decisions made at State Council | Senior teacher classification | TUH freezes premium increases until April 202 | Trial of department job-sharing platform commences​​​​​​​
Members encouraged to hold off on NAPLAN Online 2021 preparations | boycott of Australian Teacher Workforce Data Survey
What happens when a case of COVID-19 is confirmed? Revised operating guidelines released 24 July
In this edition: ballot outcomes | QTU response for workload reduction | proposal for extra school holidays
In this edition: QTU ballot | Workload Advisory Council | Public Service Act changes in Parliament | An historical note
In this edition: Pay deferral ballot information | Workload Advisory Council (WAC) submissions
Contents: what is in the proposal? | What are the timelines around the proposal? | why no strike or work bans? | what next? | Your preferred email address | Liberty. Equality, Solidarity | Workload reduction campaign | Heads of power
Zoom area meetings re Pay deferral start tonight | COVID-19 and school operations | New Temp to Permanent Conversion Agreement signed
End of term 2
In this edition: Workload Advisory Council | experienced senior teacher | EST2 and senior teacher | T2P | COVID-19 operating guidelines | the future of NAPLAN |v supply teacher update
In this edition
EST process now available
Stop the pay freeze
In this issue: New QTU Executive elected | Committee elections | Pay freeze argument continues | COVID-19 restrictions eased but vigilance still required | Workload campaign; delayed not forgotten | EST and Senior Teacher
Contents: Vulnerable employees | Social distancing measures | Curriculum, assessment and reporting | Boarding schools | COVID-19 in schools | Travel over the school holidays | Public sector wage freeze | National reconciliation week
Government demands pay freeze for teachers and all public sector workers | Union position
Term 2 - staggered return to at-school attendance
Get ready to share and celebrate! While we will not be physically gathering for marches and family fun days this year pop on your union tshirt, tune in to local radio stations, get involved and share what your Union means to you on social media.
In this issue : Making the best of a difficult situation | Change to term 2 operating guideines for Queensland state schools | Assessment and reporting | Remote communities and biosecurity | Term 2 - the second half | Arrangements for temporary and supply teachers | Teacher housing | Avoiding the pitfalls of learning at home | International Workers Memorial Day | Labour Day 2020 | 2020 teacher transfer process
In this issue : Term 2 2020 Operating Guidelines Queensland Schools | Working from home/vulnerable workers | Curriculum and supervision | On-site health and safety measures | Special schools, SEPs, ECDPs | Students eligible to attend | Returning to rural and remote areas​​​​​​​ | Supply and temporary teachers |Specialist teachers and specialist services ​​​​​​​ | All staff mandatory training ​​​​​​​ | Thinking about workload ​​​​​​​ | Thinking about life after the pandemic​​​​​​​ | QTU support and operations ​​​​​​​ | QTU membership ​​​​​​​
In this issue: Public Health Directive exemption for education; temporary teacher engagements; public sector pay freeze; yesterday’s newsflash; online security
Workplace health and safety and workload remain our focus
In this issue: Reducing workload is priority #1 | Workload Advisory Council | State budget submission | QTU priorities 2020 | EB payments | Workers' comp on excursions | Supervising pre-service teachers' payments increased | Natural Disaster Relief Fund | Why QTU is best
Air-conditioning – every classroom
In this edition: To NAPLAN or not? | AEU Federal Conference | Supervising a pre-service teacher? | QTU State Council | Principal defamation case | Appeal in WorkCover case | Union Reps Conference | Survey results in | QTU – The original and best
The 120 teachers and principals of the QTU State Council voted unanimously on Saturday to conduct a ballot of members across the state to boycott NAPLAN (in its entirety) in 2020. Unlike previous ballots concerning NAPLAN Online, this applies to ALL NAPLAN related activities.
Content: Systemic school closures | This in not 'business as usual" | Vulnerable teachers | Lack of access to cleaning and health products | Year 11 and more
In this issue: Negotiations continue | School "closure" | Who is "vulnerable" and what action should be taken | Travel to and from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities | Arrangements for special schools and SEPs | What do I do if a child comes to school unwell? | Arrangements for specialist/itinerant staff in schools | Continuity of Learning in the event of school closures | Registering attendance of employees | Access to cleaning and hygiene materials | Negotiating outcomes for members

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