Principal Update : 24 August 2018

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24 Aug 2018

Have your say in EB9

Every three years, the QTU negotiates a new industrial agreement setting the salaries and working conditions for the next three years.  While the current certified agreement expires on 30 June 2019, it is important that, prior to the negotiations commencing, the QTU seeks member input into the development of the QTU enterprise bargaining claim.

Arising from consultation with members, a number of key priorities and other issues have been identified and will be the subject of consideration in workplace meetings.  These meetings will occur across the weeks of 20 August to 12 September.  Only financial members of the QTU will be able to attend these meetings.  Consequently, anyone not yet a Union member or who is unfinancial should ensure they join the QTU or reinstate their financial status to ensure their voice is heard.

On Monday this week, Union Reps received an Update with the relevant supporting materials to assist in holding the workplace meetings.  This included a series of resolutions and supporting documentation.  The resolutions to be considered at workplace meetings can be accessed in the Members’ Newsflash sent out on Monday 20 August.

Promotional Positions Classification Review (PPCR)

The PPCR is one of the three key elements of the EB claim.  A PPCR Update was sent out on Tuesday 21 August with the latest information regarding the review.  The QTU also has a PPCR webpage with a copy of the Update and other relevant information pertaining to the PPCR.  The page can be found at

Higher duties 

Since the Principal Update sent out on 13 July, the QTU has been in frequent contact with both the Minister’s office and senior officers of the department to resolve the non-payment of higher duties over holiday periods to teachers who have performed these higher duties for less than 12 months.

Unfortunately, there is no a quick fix to this issue, and while the department and Minister’s office have been trying to find a solution, this has not occured in the time since our Update on 13 July.  However, in the latest discussions with both the department and the Minister’s office they were hopeful of a way forward, although no timeframe has been provided.

The QTU will not be letting this issue go on indefinitely.  Resolution of this issue is needed before the next school vacation period.  All efforts are being made by the QTU to resolve this appalling matter as quickly as possible, and we will keep you informed of progress.

As stated previously, the QTU’s view is very simple – our members cannot be expected to carry out the duties of a position (be it principal, deputy principal or head of program) if they are not being paid the appropriate rate for that position.

Review of Appropriate and Ethical Use of Public Resources Policy and Catering and Hospitality Procedure

In 2017, the Department of Education introduced its Appropriate and Ethical Use of Public Resources policy and guidelines and associated Catering and Hospitality procedure and guidelines.

The QTU has raised significant concerns with regards to these documents with senior officers of the department.  As a result of these discussions, a review has been undertaken.  As part of the review, the department is currently conducting a survey seeking feedback on the currently policy, procedure and guidelines. 

The survey should be read in conjunction with the short policy and procedure. You can access these through the links above.

The survey is open to all interested staff and stakeholders of the department, and you are welcome to forward this survey to others. The survey closes on Friday 31 August.  To access the survey, please click here.

Once the survey has closed, the department will convene focus groups to further discuss themes arising from the responses. The focus groups will be open to all survey respondents (or their representatives), including those in regional and remote areas (via telephone or video conferencing).

Each question set in the survey includes a free text field, for any comments you wish to make on the item. If you wish to make additional comments on the policy or procedure outside of your survey response, please feel free to email them to All data will be treated confidentially.

AEU State of Our Schools survey

Thank you to those who have already taken the time to complete this important survey. Some schools may have difficulty accessing the survey which may be due to a firewall issue on school computers. We would like to encourage you to try again from your home computer or a mobile device.

The link to the survey is

Fair Funding Now! Campaign

The campaign will continue until the federal election, which is due by May 2019. 

If you haven’t signed up as a supporter of the Fair Funding Now! campaign, sign up here to play a part.

Thank you to the principals and deputy principals who participated in the Fair Funding Now! campaign in the recent Longman by-election.  This saw the election of a candidate, Susan Lamb, who is committed to better funding for schools and TAFE.

93 per cent of public schools parents consider local school principals to be a trusted voice in discussions on schools funding and how more funding could be used to assist children in getting a better education.  It is important that principals are part of the discussion on schools funding.

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