15 June 2017 : State Budget more information

The QTU has received a full briefing from DET on the 2017-18 budget outcomes and the budget papers have now been subjected to further analysis.

13 June 2017 : State budget

10 May 2017 : The federal budget and education: it’s definitely not Gonski

3 May 2017: Gonski 2.0 - don't accept a cheap imitation

26 April 2017 : Labour Day - QTU Proud!

19 Jan 2017 : Ensuring your working conditions

Back to industrial basics for 2017 - ensuring that all conditions in certified agreements are implemented in schools

29 Nov 2016 : Class sizes in 2017 and the new certified agreement

23 Nov-2016 : Palaszczuk government gives a Gonski

28 Oct 2016 : World Teachers' Day

18 Oct 2016: Transition to new senior schooling system delayed

4 October 2016 : World Teachers Day

16 Sep 2016 :Tell Queensland Government to fight Turnbull’s Gonski cuts

7 Sep 2016 : Members support revised offer

30 Aug 2016: Vote for EB offer - QTU ballot closing soon

Also in this edition: QCAA senior subject syllabus development - have your say | Commercialisation in Public Schooling survey

22 Aug 2016 : Nominations for IPS called

9 Aug 2016 : Salaries in new offer clarified

3 August 2016: Improved government offer to Queensland teachers and principals

On Tuesday 2 August, the Queensland Government approved a new offer to Queensland state school teachers and principals. A ballot of QTU members will be conducted to consider the new offer.

1 August 2016: QTU ballot supporting action

The ballot remains open past the initial closing date of 29 July (because of the late distribution of material to smaller schools) but the support for the three motions is overwhelming.

27 July 2016: Have you voted?

Vote "YES" for action to achieve better pay and conditions

26 July 2016: QTU members win - government to identify core Australian Curriculum and revise C2C to reduce teacher workload

After 18 months of intensive lobbying by the QTU on behalf of members, the state government has announced that a ‘core Australian Curriculum’ will be defined, and accompanying C2C resources will be revised...

15 July 2016 : Vote YES for industrial action for fair pay and conditions

The main unresolved issues | the ECQ Ballot | the QTU Ballot | if a better offer is made?

12 July 2016: EB8 action: vote YES for industrial action for better pay and conditions

21 June 2016 : EB 8 – two votes in term three

In this issue: Your vote can win Gonski | EB8 - two votes in term three | The state budget and superannuation

16 June 2016: 2016-17 State Budget Education and health to benefit

18 May 2016: EB8 formal bargaining commences

In this issue:update on EB8 | Federal election - To Gonski or not? | Superannuation and the federal budget | CIPS research project

6 May 2016: Coalition turns back clock on funding and working conditions

The Federal Coalition’s education policy released on 1 May and its federal budget delivered on 3 May have finally answered two important questions about the current government.

15 April 2016 : Unpacking the Joint Statement on the Purpose and Use of Data in Queensland Schools

13 April 2016 : Labour Day 2016

11 April 2016 : Term 2: Election and EB

23 March 2016 :New joint DET/QTU statement on the purpose and use of data in Queensland schools

newsflash 08 2016

14 March 2016 : Workload and salary feature in final EB8 claim

2 March 2016 : "State of our Schools" - and the state of our award

24 Feb 2016 : QTU support for Queensland Catholic teachers and IEUA-QNT

19 Feb 2016 : Don’t miss your chance to reduce your workload – help identify the core P-10 Australian Curriculum

Give feedback on the implementation of the P-10 Australian Curriculum in QCAA forums and webinars, between late February and early March 2016

4 Feb 2016: EB8 area meetings commence this week

The QTU will this week continue the process of finalising the draft log of claims by consulting with members at area meetings and in conjunction with some branch annual general meetings.

29 Jan 2016: Federal ALP commits to Gonski

21 Jan 2016: Welcome to 2016

In this issue: Australian Curriculum | EB | New joint statements | Recruitment | QCAA senior syllabus learning area reference groups | New leadership team for QTU | Design the QTU's next Labour Day T-shirt

3 Dec 2015 : 2015 in review

In this issue: Australian Curriculum | Workload and joint statements | Rollout of additional teachers | Investing for Success | Review of industrial relations | IPS evaluation | Other achievements | Changes in QTU leadership | Looking forwards

16 Nov 2015 : IPS selection changes a step in the right direction

2016 IPS announced today following a comprehensive selection process based on a new methodology | Have your say on EB8 claim | Survey regarding senior assessment

2 Nov 2015 : Additional student-free day in 2016

22 Oct 2015: Go Gonski green, celebrate and start the EB conversation

Gonski week brought together a number of themes that are central to the work of Queensland’s state school teachers and principals.

14 Oct 2015 : Curriculum update

Revised Australian Curriculum, plus digital technologies in Queensland - Coding and robotics - Education plan

7 Oct 2015 : Qld funding moves toward Gonski model

The Qld Government allocation of federal funding to state schools has moved closer to the model of a base level of funding, plus loadings aimed at overcoming students’ educational disadvantage – that is, the model advocated by the Gonski review of schools funding.

8 Sep 2015 : Changes to IPS nominations and future operations

4 Sep 2015 : Allocation of 875 teachers announced

Over the three years, will more than replace the 519 full-time equivalent teaching positions cut by the previous LNP government from the start of 2013

28 Aug 2015 : Teacher union voice removed in AITSL restructure

The QTU and the AEU have condemned Federal Education Minister's decision to remove the representative voice of teachers and school leaders from the AITSL board and committees.

25 Aug 2015 : Government decisions on senior secondary a good start

The Palaszczuk government’s senior secondary announcement provides a good platform for positive decision-making on a new senior secondary assessment and tertiary entrance system for Queensland.

21 Aug 2015 : Extension of current agreement granted

20 Aug 2015 : Vote for QTU endorsed candidates in QCT board election

The QTU has endorsed two candidates, Alota Lima and Natalie Clarke, in the QCT board election ...

22 July 2015 : Curriculum times to be reviewed

The directive to halt implementation (including familiarisation) of any new learning areas of the Australian Curriculum until further notice is withdrawn. As a result of the Minister’s communication, there is no requirement for any school to implement or begin the process of implementation of any new subject or learning area in 2015.

15 July 2015 : 2015-16 State Budget

In this issue: Promises kept | Education spending | Clarification on Super and LSL and more

23 June 2015 : Education is a right, not a privilege

Also in this issue: Curriculum implementation update | Teacher transfers

25 May 2015 : Reminder - mark National Public Education Day 28 May

13 May 2015 : Gonski campaign restarts as federal budget abandons fair school funding

22 April 2015 : Government moves on award stripping and employment security

The new State Government has taken action to remedy some of the changes to the Industrial Relations Act made by the former LNP government.

25 March 2015 : Individual curriculum plans (ILPs)

When do students require/NOT require an ICP?Who develops an ICP? What happens now?

MARCH 4 : National Day of Action

23 Feb 2015 : QTU Natural Disaster, CQ and Wide Bay Relief

29 Jan 2015 :Education, industrial relations: A clear choice when you vote

21 Jan 2015 : Halt curriculum implementation - take control of your workload

21 Jan 2015 : FAQs on Directive to halt curriculum implementation

27 Nov 2014 :Reminder – have your say in ballot to halt implementation of the Australian Curriculum

12 Nov 2014 : Reclaim the Profession : Halt further implementation of new learning areas in the Australian Curriculum

QTU members are being asked to vote on ceasing further implementation of any new learning areas within the Australian Curriculum.

30 October 2014: Master teachers to be in schools for 2015

27 October 2014 : Representation, reviews and your priorities

10 Oct 2014 : Award stripping threatens working conditions

18 Sep 2014 : Members vote to affirm industrial action and establish Union bargaining priorities

Also in this issue: Education Accord | World Teachers' Day

8 Sep 2014 : Reminder - have your say on QTU bargaining priorities

Thursday, 11 September is the deadline to: submit your professional, industrial and resourcing priorities for Queensland teachers, principals and schools | vote in the ballot

1 Sep 2014 : Next 2.7 percent salary increase to be paid from 1 September 2014

Also in this issue : Current ballot to protect conditions | QTU presidential elections | LOTE

26 August 2014 : New Teacher Performance Review Process

Member Newsflash: A victory for strong member resolve.

20 Aug 2014 : Workplace meetings to develop Union priorities

24 July 2014: Celebrate National Gonski Week 28 July - 3 August 2014

We owe it to our children to improve equity across all Australian schools. That's why, teachers and principals across Australia will celebrate National Gonski Week, a week of activity making the case for a needs-based funding model.

4 June 2014 :“Record Budget” will result in shortfall for education

28 May 2014 : Member Update - Tweak it or Trash it

Tweak it or Trash it? Senior assessment and tertiary entrance review: A valuable opportunity for members to engage.

20 May 2014 : Celebrate and protect public education

30 Apr 2014 : IPS - QTU withdraws support to protect members

Due to the department and government's failure to recognise teachers as key stakeholders in last year's IPS decisions, QTU support is to be withdrawn for the program...

22 Apr 2014 : QTU Natural Disaster Relief (NQ members)

The past couple of weeks have been extremely difficult for those QTU members living in North Queensland, with many affected by Cyclone Ita ...

1 Apr 2014 : Government attempts to bring forward award stripping process for QTU members

In this issue: Govt attempts to bring forward award stripping process | Contracts for doctors | Doctors' dispute | Principal contracts | Departmental EB Appeal - TAFE | Legislative changes relating to TAFE | Have your say in the QTU survey

27 Feb 2014 : Your union, your say

21 Feb 2014 : Teaching conditions under threat through award modernisation

11 Feb 2014: Great results guarantee

The distribution of federal schools funding in Queensland, known as the Great Results Guarantee (GRG) - the positives, the negatives, the uncertainties and the timelines

29 Jan 2014 : Gonski campaigners deliver for all Queensland state schools

23 Jan 2014 : Performance Review Update

Latest member news including : Performance Review Update | Great Teachers = Great Results | 125 years of achievement | QTU App | Other announcements

6 Dec 2013 :Government fails to respond to notions of teacher rankings, student ratings and parent evaluation – QTU members triggered into action

2 Dec 2013 :Teacher rankings, student ratings, parent evaluation – government continues to make education policy on the run!

26 Nov 2013 : Don’t be misled – reject the introduction of teacher rankings by stealth

18 Nov 2013 : Reclaim our profession rally

8 Nov 2013 : Members vote overwhelmingly to protect our profession, as Queensland gets Gonski (sort of...)

5 Nov 2013 : Government attacks your rights and conditions

Industrial relations legislation - Award stripping - Contracts - Industrial action - Powers of QIRC

1 Nov 2013 : Ballot reminder - Further IR changes in Queensland

25 Oct 2013 : World Teachers’ Day 2013

16 October : Ballot for industrial action to protect the profession

The QTU is conducting a ballot of school members to authorise a 24 hour strike if the government proceeds with a number of GT-GR actions that will violate the current EB agreements.

19 Sep 2013 : School closures

Information for members: School closures | Queensland Teachers = Quality Teachers | Update your details

9 Sep 2013 : Gonski - You made a difference

3 September 2013 : If you want Gonski, vote ALP or Greens

Important information for QTU members this election.

27 Aug 2013 : IPS ballots reminder

27 Aug 2013 : IPS ballots reminder

7 Aug 2013 : Queensland Government failed Queensland students

5 August 2013 : QTU activities in schools

New "advice" issued by DETE reveals how the state government's latest changes to IR legislation target unions and their efforts to represent their members ... read the latest Members Newsflash for details.

31 May 2013 :QTU nominees removed from principal selection panels

11 June 2013 : Gonski - the real deal

29 May 2013 :Stand up for your profession - area meetings

22 May 2013 : Member Newsflash

Public Education Day | Save your say campaign | Gonski events | 2013 Teacher transfer update

1 May 2013 : Have you been consulted?

The state government continues to churn out ill-informed announcements with major implications for the working conditions of teachers, without any consultation with the QTU. It's time for you to have your say - organise a workplace meeting to discuss the proposals. For more information, read the latest Newsflash

29 April 2013 : Labour Day 2013 Stand for Queensland, stand with the QTU!

16 April 2013 : Gonski shake-up=potential win for Queensland

15 April 2013 : State government failing Queensland education and teachers?

Rally - Wednesday April 17 - Government risks Gonski reforms - Government Great Teachers = Great Results “Plan” - Actions you can take

28 Mar 2013 : Find time to "give a gonski" during the school holidays

Let's keep up the pressure on the state government to come to an agreement. Also, a petition has been launched calling for the changes to the staffing model to be reversed.

22 Mar 2013 : Congratulations on Gonski week of action

5 Mar 2013 : QTU challenges new PD policy in QIRC

Member Newsflash : PD policy challenged in Qld Industrial Relations Commission | Minister's Gonski back flip

1 Mar 2013 : Gonski action needed now!

Queensland to come up with its own funding model - Queensland Education Minister

8 Feb 2013 : Government yet to hear the message on school staffing

6 Feb 2013 : Teacher professional development - know your rights

29 Jan 2013 : QTU Natural Disaster Relief

Information for QTU members regarding QTU relief and assistance to members affected by natural disasters and DETE grants for lost teaching resources

24 Jan 2013 : QCT introduces new professional standards

This year sees the QCT introduce the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, which will have implications for both provisionally registered and fully registered teachers. Read more ...

14 Dec 2012 : Enjoy a well deserved break

30 Nov 2012 : New schools agreement certified

Latest QTU Newsflash: Teachers' agreement certified | Schools staffing campaign

5 Nov 2012 : Issues for term four

29 Oct 2012 : QTU members accept government’s second EB offer

19 Oct 2012 : Take a stand for teachers! Celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2012

3 Oct 2012 : New government offer to go to member ballot

Member Newsflash: The QTU and the State Government have reached in-principle agreement over a revised EB7 offer that will now go to members for ballot. Read more here...

21 Sept 2012 : Work bans postponed so that negotiations can continue

The implementation of the package of work bans and limitations has been postponed until Monday 15 October, based on the progress of negotiations in the QIRC yesterday.

20 Sep 2012 : ECQ ballot confirms huge support for industrial action

QTU members across Queensland have voted overwhelmingly to support work bans, work limitations and a 24-hour stoppage...

18 Sep 2012: Overwhelming support for action in EB ballot

The final figures in the QTU ballot for EB7 industrial action show overwhelming support for both a 24-hour strike on Tuesday 16 October and the implementation of a package of eight work bans and counting has commenced in the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) ballot in which more than 22,000 members voted

14 Sep 2012 : The state budget and staffing

Member newsflash: Updates on the state budget and staffing; What members can do; Update on the EB7 protected industrial action ballots.

5 Sep 2012 : Independent Public Schools

What are the issues? - EB7ballot reminder - Catholic teachers strike - Stand for Queensland :day of action The QTU strongly advises that schools should not nominate or submit an EOI to become an Independent Public School (IPS)

29 Aug 2012 : one more reason to vote "YES" and rally

The Government has once again passed a series of changes to the Industrial Relations Act that attacks the working conditions of public servants, without any attempt to consult with unions. These changes were made in response to a Supreme Court challenge by unions to a directive issued by the Public Service Commissioner on Tuesday 31 July, which attempted to over-ride the job security and maximisation of permanency provisions in public sector awards and agreements.

22 Aug 2012 : Vote "YES" for industrial action

17 Aug 2012 : Third parliament house rally

Tuesday 21 August at 5.00pm – 6.00pm This rally will be web-streamed live

27 July 2012 : Notice of protected industrial action ballot

12 July 2012 : Government gives up on negotiations

QTU Member Newsflash: EB7 negotiations update, protected industrial action ballot, day of action date claimer

9 July 2012 : Major issues for term 3

In this issue: EB7 update; Independent Public Schools; LCCs; and teaching and learning audits.

22 June 2012 : EB7 ballot

Members have returned ballots with an overwhelming rejection of the government’s offer.

18 June 2012 : EB7 campaign action

With two weeks before the nominal expiry date of the DETE Teachers’ Certified Agreement (the agreement) the EB7 campaign has reached an important time. Find out why we need to act now here...

8 June 2012 : VOTE NO on government EB offer

It is the unanimous decision of the QTU Executive that the offer be rejected. Consequently, it is recommended that members vote NO in this ballot. Why you should vote NO ...

6 June 2012: Offer rejected - EB campaign continues

The QTU Executive met this morning and rejected the EB package offered by the government yesterday morning and distributed directly to members by the department late yesterday. The QTU will seek to continue negotiations next Tuesday.

22 May 2012 : Respect teachers - negotiate now

16 May 2012:QTU directive on teaching and learning audits continues

1 May 2012 : Labour Day 2012

30 Mar 2012 : Teaching and learning audits

9 Mar 2012 : Getting it right on C2C

24 Feb 2012 : C2C – your professional choice

14 Feb 2012 : Minister clarifies school autonomy

7 Feb 2012 : urgent action required on school funding

30 Jan 2012 : QTU member involvement in Teaching and Learning Audits suspended (Newsflash 2-12)

24 Jan 2012 : Crunch time for campaigns

First term of 2012 will be a busy one for the Union with some significant campaigns in full flight. Read more here
2 December 2011 QTU position clear on major end-of-year issues
18 November 2011 Flexible student-free days clarified
11 November 2011 Big day approaches!
24 October 2011 World Teachers' Day  - Friday 28 October 2011
21 October 2011 C2C - Your professional Choice
18 October 2011 National Day of Action for public schools | State of Our Schools Survey | Proposed changes to school holidays
3 October 2011 EB7 – Draft claim ready for consultation
29 July 2011 EB7 claim underway
28 July 2011 Final pay increase for EB6 and preparations for EB7
16 June 2011 TAFE superannuation guarantee decision overturned on appeal
[TAFE newsflash 03-11]
30 May 2011 Teacher transfer guidelines under threat from regional schemes
13 May 2011 Application process for Experienced Senior Teacher (EST) and School Leaders modified
 6 May 2011 Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) election of practising teachers
Joint statement on collegial engagement in classrooms
29 April 2011 School leaders selection process timelines | Right to Teach/Right to Learn
28 April 2011 Reminder - Labour Day - come celebrate
13 April 2011 Labour Day - come celebrate
17 March 2011 Department appeals QTU win in the Commission
[TAFE newsflash 02-11]
3 March 2011 QTU wins in the Commission
[TAFE newsflash 01-11]
3 March 2011 Checklist for Developing Performance Framework (DPF) implementation
 7 Feb 2011 More member information regarding QTU Natural Disaster Relief
17 Jan 2011

Member information regarding QTU Natural Disaster Relief Fund

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