QTU Professional Magazine

2009_strip.jpgThe 2012 edition was published as a supplement to the November issue of the Queensland Teachers’ Journal.

For teachers, no clear-cut distinction can be made between industrial, curriculum and professional issues.  

Each affects the others. The QTU has long seen its role as representing the views of its members on all three. The QTU seeks to maintain a position as a trusted, authentic voice of Queensland teachers on curriculum and professional issues. This involves the promotion of principled change in a realistic sustainable fashion and the rejection of negative changes whatever their source.

As one part of its involvement in curriculum and professional issues, the QTU publishes an annual Professional Magazine as a service to members. It is intended as a forum for ideas on education issues, some of which may differ from policy positions adopted by the Union.

2012 QTU Professional Magazine

Volume 27 of the QTU's Professional Magazine was distributed with Queensland Teachers' Journal Vol 117 No 8 in November 2012. You can find the online version here...

2011 QTU Professional Magazine

The 2011 edition of the QTU Professional Magazine was distributed to members with the November 2011 Queensland Teachers' Journal. Full version now available online here.


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