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Reconnecting to Learning - Understanding the Traumatised Child

Reconnecting to Learning - Understanding the Traumatised Child

This program is recognised as legitimate professional development by the Department of Education and Queensland College of Teachers. As such, it is appropriate to apply for release and funding through your normal school professional development processes.

One-day-program-child.jpgWhen a child experiences trauma, neglect or violence, it causes fundamental changes to their developing brain. This can have a huge impact on their future success at school. It is no secret that these children often display complex behaviours and are disproportionately represented in suspensions and exclusions across our state.

This workshop aims to assist teachers and school leaders to understand the impact of trauma, and the triggers for the broad range of negative behaviours we sometimes see exhibited by these students. Throughout the day we will discuss how a school and/or teacher can develop strategies to support and re-engage students through a range of evidence-based approaches. You will hear case-studies based on the Queensland school experience and develop an understanding of small changes that can transform futures.

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