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Behaviour Management with Jo Lange

Due to travel restrictions on interstate and international presenters QuEST is currently unable to offer this course.

This program is recognised as legitimate professional development by the Department of Education and Queensland College of Teachers. As such, it is appropriate to apply for release and funding through your normal school professional development processes.

Behaviour Management workshop

This program is designed to give teachers a comprehensive insight as to why students ‘misbehave’, and practical, everyday strategies to create a positive classroom environment.

The major emphasis of this program, is on preventative teacher practises that minimise and reduce challenging behaviour.  This course also highlights strategies that enable teachers to respond more effectively to the challenging behaviours that occur in most classrooms.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Standard 3 Focus area 3.5 - Use effective classroom communication Standard 4 Focus area 4.3 - Manage challenging behaviour Focus area- 4.4 – Maintain student safety Standard 6 Engage in Professional Learning.

The presenter

Jo Lange.jpgFor the past 22 years Jo Lange has been a behaviour specialist, with a passion presenting quality professional development. Over that time, she has worked with thousands of teachers, early years educators, parents and an extensive range of community agencies.

Jo’s background is a 20 year teaching and training career.  She began her classroom teaching experiences as a primary school teacher, extending out to working with young people disengaged from mainstream secondary schooling.

Working within the tertiary education sector, Jo taught within early childhood, welfare and community services programs.  She has also trained in the alcohol and drug sector, taught adults with disabilities, along with co-ordinating adult basic education community programs.

Jo’s diverse experiences have given her a deep insight and a ‘real life’ perspective, into what influences behaviour.  As a presenter, she aims to always have participants walk away with effective strategies that are delivered with compassion and humour.

Jo has also developed & written educational programs, including “Being Me", a pro-social program for primary school students. Jo has also written nationally accredited programs for Early Childhood educators, and was nominated for an Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) award.

Her professional affiliations have included the Teacher Learning Network, Teacher Development Centre, Early Learning Association of Australia, the Australian Education Union (Victoria, Tasmania & Queensland), as well as the VIC/TAS Independent Education Union.

Program Overview

Why do students ‘misbehave’
The goals of challenging behaviour, the power of engagement & encouragement and the need for emotional & social connectedness.

Preventative Strategies 'Prevention is better than cure'
Strategies that aim  to reduce attention seeking, minimise power struggles, encourage student motivation & independent learning and settle students who may be anxious & agitated.

Beyond ‘Telling Off’
How teachers can communicate with students so that students listen and reflect on their own behaviour, in the following focus areas:​​​​Behaviour Management banner 2.png

  •   Planning to respond, rather than react
  •   Setting an assertive tone in the classroom
  •   When and how to respond to situations in the classroom
  •   Examining exit/timeout procedures
  •   The importance of follow up & teacher 'ownership'
  •   Active accountability versus punishment
  •   Restorative practises and the use of natural & logical consequences

What Queensland teachers are saying about the program:

“Jo was very easy to listen to with some great stories and strategies”
“This is my third attendance at Jo Lange.  She is highly relevant and inspirational”
“Very frank, fresh and honest.  Very good knowledge base and interesting recounts of examples in the classroom”
“Useful information was given with great ‘real life’ examples that people could relate to”

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