The QTU has produced brochures to summarise & clarify conditions of employment, rights & responsibilities of employees and employers as determined by the Awards, Certified Agreements, legislation and other information relevant to teachers as government employees in this State. 


Advice Brochures (member only)

Information brochures

Brochures for members in TAFE Queensland

Brochures for VET members at CQU


INFORMATION brochures summarise and clarify conditions of employment and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers

ADVICE  brochures assist members in the application of this information to their particular circumstances

Additional information specific to our TAFE members is contained in the TAFE brochures.

LEGAL brochures contain legal information in relation to matters including accidents, negligence, the QTU 's legal assistance scheme for members and more. Access to Legal Information brochures is restricted to QTU members.

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