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Current vacancies:

Professional Development Officer (Closes noon 27 Sep)

The QTU, the union which represents approximately 45,500 primary, secondary, special and TAFE teachers, is inviting applications for the position of Professional Development Officer to commence on Monday 21 January 2019.

The core duties and responsibilities of the role are:

  • establishing and managing a program of paid professional development for QTU members, with a focus on critical assessments of education practice and curriculum, and the promotion of social justice within the curriculum
  • identifying areas of professional development need of various groups or categories of QTU members on a continuing basis
  • brokering third-party provision of professional development to QTU members by other members, academics and other providers
  • writing and delivering professional development programs within areas of experience
  • ensuring the quality of professional development meets the highest standards in terms of content and delivery
  • administrative functions associated with the provision of the professional development program
  • other duties as directed by the General Secretary.

Selection criteria for appointment

  • Demonstrated commitment to trade unionism and commitment to public education.
  • Demonstrated capacity to analyse developments in education, the teaching profession, industrial relations and unions and to formulate options and recommendations in response.
  • Demonstrated capacity to organise and structure successful campaigns involving members.
  • Demonstrated effective oral and written communication skills and negotiation skills.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work independently and to work as part of and contribute to a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Tertiary qualifications appropriate to education and/or industrial relations.
  • Potential for further development.

The suitability of an applicant will be assessed against the above criteria, having regard to the specific duties and responsibilities of the position.

Conditions for position

  • Salary: $130,410 p/a.
  • Generous leave provisions/superannuation.

Term of office for position

The initial term of office is up to four years. The Professional Development Officer shall be eligible to hold office for consecutive terms.

Six months prior to the conclusion of each term of office, the QTU Executive shall determine whether the office of the Professional Development Officer should be declared vacant. The incumbent has the right of appeal to Council against the decision of Executive. The decision of Council shall be final.


Applications, including experience, qualifications and other information relevant to the selection criteria should be emailed to the General Secretary at by noon on Thursday 27 September. Your application should include; two written references, the name and address of further referees, Arial 12-point font, no more than two pages per selection criteria and not in PDF format.

Short-listed applicants will be required for interview sometime prior to a final decision on the appointment being made at QTU State Council on Saturday 3 November 2018.

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