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Penny Spalding
Assistant Secretary - Women and Social Welfare Issues

Contact :  Phone : (07) 3512 9000 

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Women Teachers and Girls Education Committee (WTGEC)

The 10 member Women Teachers and Girls Education Committee exists to carry out tasks relevant to women and girls in education, including:

  • providing advice to QTU Executive and making recommendations to QTU State Council
  • monitoring issues affecting women workers, such as paid maternity leave and discrimination
  • reviewing and developing policy
  • liaising with other QTU standing committees
  • overseeing the organisation of the Biennial QTU Women’s Conference
  • seeking expertise, information and advice from up to two relevant experts (who may not be QTU members), if required.

QTU Women's contact

AWE : The Association of Women Educators


The Association of Women Educators (AWE) is a professional body, founded in 1983. AWE, through its Branches and Executive, works actively to further the participation of women and girls in education.

The Association:

  • Encourages and supports women, so that they can effectively pursue careers in education;
  • Works to eliminate all forms of discrimination in curriculum, in institutional practices and in policies;
  • Undertakes research projects to make a difference to girls' education;
  • Responds to issues of concern for women both in education and the community;
  • Lobbies for further reforms and change generally to enhance the position of women in education and society.

Over the last three decades, AWE has achieved significant outcomes through the delivery of national events, activities and projects aimed at promoting women and girls in education. The Association's ongoing work is greatly supported by the acquisition of National and State grants.

Membership of the Association of Women Educators is open to women who work in education and to women who are interested in the education of women and girls. We invite you to join us in our work, and as we celebrate our achievements - 30 years on

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Downloadable resources

Domestic violence is a workplace issue poster (pdf

How domestic violence affects work | Tips and don'ts for Union Reps

Women's e-News

Women E-News

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The Anna Stewart Memorial Project

Read the 2015 participants report  published in the QTJ in August 2015

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project has been operating successfully in Queensland since 1988, serving as an affirmative action strategy to help rank and file women get more active in the union movement. 

The Queensland Council of Unions invites member unions to nominate women members to participate in a 2 week work shadowing program, one week with their own union and the second week with a host union.  Exchanges between blue and white collar unions are encouraged, with a view to raising an awareness of the many and varied issues that confront all workers, and particularly women, in all fields of work. 

This project has served as a stepping stone for women to launch a career within the union movement.  It was designed to give participants unique levels of access to union organisations, and develop their awareness of the ways in which unions can work to redress the discrimination and exploitation of women workers in Australia.

The project, which was named in honour of the late Anna Stewart, a well known union activist who fought for women’s rights within the union movement, is held annually, with this year’s taking place in May. Participants continue to receive their usual workplace pay during the two week period.

Women QTU members who are interested in the project should nominate through the QTU Journal. For more information please contact the Women’s Coordinator in the Brisbane office.

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