Annual Teacher Performance Review - 17 October 2018

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Annual Teacher Performance Reviews

Earlier this year, the QTU and DoE undertook a review of the Annual Teacher Performance Review process. This was in response to the recommendations of the Queensland Audit Office in relation to processes to supporting teacher development, which were accepted by DoE. As a consequence, a new joint statement ( has been agreed between the QTU and the department and revised supporting documents, including the PDP template, the step-by-step guides for teachers and other support materials, have been developed.

It is important that each teacher is engaged in the APR each year. In accordance with the agreement between DoE and the Union, the process is a developmental one and is designed to enhance the quality of teaching and provide collegial support to members. It is not a process of performance measurement and is separate and distinct from managing unsatisfactory performance. Additionally, to enable a genuine discussion between teachers and their supervisors regarding their developmental needs, the PDP is not to be pre-populated and is to focus on the establishment of SMART goals aligned to the school priorities and the developmental needs of teachers, to provide them with the best opportunities to support the students that they teach.

The timing of the APR may vary between schools and should be established following consultation and agreement at the LCC (in schools required to have one).
The APR and the completion of PDPs is one of the key eligibility criteria for highly accomplished and lead teacher certification. 

If your school is not using the APR (or you are unaware of whether this is operating in your school), you should seek to discuss this with your school leader.

Uploaded 17 October 2018

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