Holiday pay for temporary teachers - 21 November 2018

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Holiday pay for temporary teachers

The QTU has received a number of enquiries from temporary teachers unsure of their entitlements over the forthcoming summer holidays.

Under the Department of Education and Training State School Teachers’ Certified Agreement 2016, there are three types of payments that apply to temporary teachers, depending on your pattern of work and length of engagement. 

1. A pro-rata payment paid on a fortnightly basis. This is based on thenumber of school days worked and is an entitlement for temporary teachers who have worked the entire school year and are employed permanently or have a contract in place for the start of the following year. 

2. A lump sum summer payment (LSSP). This is paid prior to the Christmas period to temporary teachers who are rostered to work a minimum of 100 days in the school year (at least 10 of which are in term four) or are employed for all of semester two. 

3. A lump sum on termination (LSOT) payment. This is for temporary teachers who do not meet the above two payment thresholds and who do not have contract in place for the following year. This is calculated on the basis of the number of school days paid x 20 divided by the actual number of days in the school year, or the number of hours paid x 100 divided by the actual number of hours in the school year (N.B. vacation periods paid during the school year are subtracted from the accrued annual leave calculated).

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