NAPLAN joint statement - 31 October 2018

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The QTU and the Department of Education have launched a new Joint Statement on NAPLAN in Queensland Schools. 

This statement sets out clear expectations of what should and should not be associated with NAPLAN testing and data in all Queensland state schools. It outlines a joint position on a range of issues, including: curriculum planning; preparation and practice tests; the use of NAPLAN data in schools, recruitment and selection, reporting of student outcomes; and the rise of edu-business in response to NAPLAN reporting.

While there is a place for limited NAPLAN preparation activities related to the mode and conditions of the testing itself, as the NAPLAN website states: “excessive test preparation using previous tests is not necessary or useful”. The joint statement makes it clear that the Union and the department do not endorse repeated or regular NAPLAN practice tests or the implementation of pre-tests to capture data to shape teaching and learning specifically related to NAPLAN. 

QTU members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new joint statement and use it to ensure that concerns about various aspects of NAPLAN are addressed at the school level. You can find it at

The QTU continues to work with the Australian Education Union for a comprehensive review of NAPLAN with the aim of fundamentally changing or replacing the testing regime and data reporting.

Uploaded 31 October 2018

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