Roll marking - 24 October 2018

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Roll-marking is a vital part of keeping track of student absences, but how often and when are we required to do it?

The department’s “Roll marking in state schools” procedure sets out the responsibilities of principals and teachers, particularly when it comes to same-day reporting of student absences that came into effect from the beginning of 2017.

Under the procedure, schools are required to establish processes to ensure each student is marked as either present or absent from their educational program:

  • at the beginning of the school day and prior to the beginning of the afternoon session in primary and special schools
  • at the beginning of the school day and for each lesson in secondary schools.

They must also establish processes to ensure assigned officers enter student absence data into OneSchool each day, if using an electronic roll marking system; and preferably each day, but at least every three days if using hard copy rolls, to ensure accuracy of stored information.

Schools may use methods such as absentee slips that are completed, initialled and provided to the office for the purpose of reconciling student absences during the day.

The procedure can be found at…/roll-marking-in-state-schools.p…

For further advice, contact your local QTU Organiser.

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