ACER workload survey - 3 October 2018

The QTU has commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), an independent, not-for-profit research company, to conduct a workload survey which opens next week and closes on 10 November.

The survey aims to gather comprehensive, reliable data about the workload of teachers, heads of program, guidance officers and principals. Dr Lawrence Ingvarson and Dr Sheldon Rothman from ACER will be working on the analysis of the survey questionnaire and preparing a comprehensive report, which is expected by the end of the school year.

ACER has conducted similar workload surveys of AEU members in Victoria (2016) and Tasmania (2017), which have produced valuable data for those AEU branches. 

Members’ preferred email addresses have been provided to ACER solely to enable them to directly invite members to participate in this important research, and to respond to any member queries. The data from your responses will be aggregated and de-identified for the final report.

You will receive a direct email from ACER inviting you to complete the workload survey. It is anticipated that the survey will take between 15-20 minutes to complete, and it is vital that as many members as possible complete it - through to the last question.

While the survey questionnaire may seem lengthy, please be assured that the time and reflective thought that you invest in this task will result in a rich resource of very valuable data. Your detailed responses will enable ACER to perform a rigorous analysis on the effect of workload on your working lives.

Thank you for taking 20 minutes of your valuable time to help us get a better picture of how your workload is impacting on your wellbeing, while providing the QTU with rich, reliable data to inform EB negotiations with the department.

Uploaded 3 October 2018


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